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Author: Mulderache
Spoilers:Anything Xfiles
Summary: We are definitely having thoughts of sexual dysfunction 
at the Refuge lately and so I had to write a story-this is 
dedicated to the naughty girls in the chat room!
Disclaimer:We know they belong to us but are the property of 
Carter and 1013 productions.
Rating:NC-17 ?

Mulder's bathroom

Worried hands massaged the tender skin working from the head up 
but it just would not stand. No matter how much he worried 
and massaged the skin it just would not stand up.

He bowed his head and shook his head. What was causing the 
problem? What was wrong? Was it stress? Was it just a small 
problem or was it a medical emergency?

He stepped into his shower hoping that the relazing warm water 
and a moment to have clear thoughts might give way to 
improvement on the situation. His hand automatically again 
went to the despaired area and again started kneading the soap 
on the skin and pulling and tugging on the slippery end.

His thoughts went immediately to how he abused this area so many 
times.Maybe lack of stimulation or maybe too much stimulation was 
causing the problem? Maybe it was that it was too long or maybe 
was it too short? Maybe he was just putting too much pressure on 
himself to be perfect. 

He placed his worried mind to rest.Then he came, to a conclusion, 
maybe he was just trying too hard.

He stepped back out of the shower and decided to placed less 
effort on his problem and concentrate on what he would wear over 
to Scully's place.

Scully's house

He nervously knocked on the door. Scully too, had noticed his 
problem and was trying to come up with different ways to help him 
to overcome the situation.

She opened the door and he walked into her living room area. No 
words were exchanged. She motioned him into her bedroom and he 
followed nervously. What was she planning? Would she solve his 

"Mulder take off your shirt!" she demanded in a low gravely voice.

He was a bit hesitant but he shed the shirt slowly and followed 
her into the bathroom.

"Sit Mulder!" Her voice still demanding but soft.

He felt nervous about allowing her to have so much control over him 
but she would help him with his problem, she was his friend.He sat 
down on the hard wooden chair and tried not to look at the 
instruments she was going to use on him.But he could not help but to 
see the gel or the dull edged scissors. 'What the Hell?'

She looked down and observed the problem, it was flacid and without 
any form. She almost smiled at what she was going to do to him but 
held back and started massaging the area. She started slowly and 
then became more aggressive. No area was left untouched.She only 
stopped briefly to apply the gel to her hands.

Her gentle hands made it tough for Mulder not to moan with pleasure 
but he knew it would be inappropriate.He allowed her to continue and 
felt her warm breath as she exhaled, a gentle breeze teasing his 

She pulled and tugged unrelentlessly.Every once in a while she would 
cause him some pain but he bit his lip and held onto the chair.

After she finished she looked down at Mulder and smiled,"It's up 
Mulder, do you want to see?"

He nodded eagerly and she took him by the hand and led him over 
to her mirror. He could not help but to smile as he stared at it 
as it was now standing straight up. 

He turned to her and took her into a strong embrace and whispered 
into her ear, "Finally, a good hair day. Thank you Scully."


Now what did you think I was talking about???

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