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"Mulder, we need to get going. Mom is waiting for me,
she is fixing supper tonight and has invited me over
to eat." She watched him as he looked at the adult
magazines with a slight grin on his face.

"Scully we wouldn't have stopped but you needed those
slender tampon thingies." He paused and saw his
partners glare," I've seen these magazines before and
they're not as interesting at the second glance." He
smiled at her blushing face.

"Shut up Mulder and let's go." She walked away and
started towards the register with her tampons nicely
hidden between the box of tissues and a six pack of
diet cola. She turned and glanced back and saw that
Mulder had put the magazine away and had started his
slow stroll up the isle. The women were getting an
eye full of her partner but as always he was
oblivious. She got in line to pay for her purchases
and waited for Mulder to join her in line.

The man in front of the cashier was acting loud and
started shouting at the young lady. "You have the
worst service I've ever seen! How do you keep a job!"
Scully was starting to get a little nervous and she
still didn't see Mulder at her side. She kept her eye
on the man at the counter, his temper continued
flaring and then suddenly he pulled out a .22 caliber
and pointed it at the cashier." Put your hands up!
Now!" he then turned and started shouting at the
customers to do the same. Scully slowly opened her
purse and pulled out her wallet. She would need
Mulder's assistance to take down the gunman.

The gunman focused his attention on the cashier again
and started shouting at her, "Get the damned money in
the bag bitch! Can't you move any faster?" he was
getting nervous and Scully could tell that the man
wanted to rob and run but the cashier was having
difficulty opening the cash register.

Scully had started to get nervous about Mulder's
whereabouts when she heard a voice yell out at the
young gunman, " Freeze! FBI!
Put your weapon down and move away from the counter!"
Mulder's voice rang through the store. Scully quickly
pulled her service weapon and pushed the little old
lady who stood in front of her in line out of the way
of fire.

The cashier ducked down behind the counter in a
crouching position and the other customers moved out
the way towards the back of the store. Scully and
Mulder stood with guns drawn, covering the movements
of the gunman." I repeat, put your gun down! I will
shoot!" Mulder repeated his command as he stood
behind the man watching out of the corner of his eye
for any movement from any of the other customers,
always a possibility of an accomplice.

The gunman started to lower his weapon when he was
startled by the little old lady, who Scully had
pushed to safety earlier. She let out a scream that
startled the gunman. His firearm discharged twice
before Scully's weapon brought the attacker down. She
reached down and took the weapon and placed it in her
coat pocket. She checked for a pulse and felt a faint
beat. She pulled out her handcuffs and cuffed the
unconscious man. She glanced around to see her
partner but he was not forthcoming. As she stood she
noticed that the customers were surrounding someone
lying on the floor. It was Mulder.

" Move back, I'm his partner." she pushed her way
through the small crowd of people and then she saw
her bloody partner lying on the floor. She quickly
pulled off her scarf and pushed it to the chest wound
but noticed as her hands applied firm pressure that
his leg was bleeding just as profusely. " I need
someone to help me!" she shouted to nobody in
particular. A young lady moved forward and

" My name is Molly. I'm a nurse." She followed the
same routine as Scully and pressed her scarf to the
leg wound. Scully nodded recognition of her
credentials then pulled out her cell phone and dialed
the operator," We have an officer down! My name is
Special Agent Dana Scully, I'm with the FBI, my badge
number is JTT0331613. Our location is Jerry's Shop
and Go, 406 East Wilson Street. Hurry!" her voice was
steady and she knew that she needed to keep him
breathing until help arrived. She dropped the cell
and went back working on stopping Mulder's bleeding.
Molly watched the man with great intensity, as he lay
silent on the floor.

Scully bent down and started to speak to her fallen
partner, "Hey Mulder, can you hear me? Can you open
your eyes for me?" She asked as she continued to hold
the pressure over the sucking wound. She noticed he
was having labored breathing and that his skin had
turned pale and cool. He was going into shock and he
definitely had a collapsed lung. She looked up at
Molly, "We need to get him in reverse Trendelenburg
position to keep his pressure from bottoming." Molly
nodded her head and helped elevate his legs.

"Hang in there partner." she whispered as she pressed
against his chest.

He opened his eyes a small amount and searched for
his partner. Her face was leaning over him and she
had that serious Scully look. She was saying
something but he could not hear her for the buzzing
in his ears. He attempted to talk but was silenced by
the shortness of breath he was experiencing. The pain
in his chest and leg were overwhelming his ability to
think. He needed to let Scully know that he was okay
though or at least let her know that he was still
alive, "MMMMM hur." It was pitiful but he at least
let her know that he wasn't dead.

" It's fine Mulder. Help is on the way." She could
hear the sirens approaching and knew that within
minutes she was getting some assistance. The police
entered first and with her free hand she waved her
badge. They secured the already cuffed prisoner and
noted the open wound on his abdomen. They waved the
paramedics into the store.

The paramedic knelt down, his knees touching the now
blood soaked floor and reached over for his wrist and
felt for Mulder's pulse. "My name is Kevin Baker, I'm
a paramedic. I'm going to start an IV in both arms
and then we are going to transport you to the nearest
trauma hospital, we have an air flight on its way."
His voice was low and gentle and Scully was impressed
with his bedside manner.

"My name is Agent Dana Scully and I'm a medical
doctor. Agent Mulder needs some oxygen and possibly a
chest tube. He is having a lot of trouble with

The paramedic acknowledged the information and
allowed her to continue the pressure to the chest
wound as he applied an oxygen mask. He relayed the
message to the emergency room doctor at GUMC. He
voiced understanding of the instructions and started
two IV lines with fluids wide open and then placed
monitors and took vitals. He then placed an o2 sat
monitor on his finger and the reading was low. The
oxygen he had placed was elevated to full mask and
the o2 was increased. A pressure dressing was placed
over the opening in the chest and another over the
leg wound with sandbags to apply additional pressure.
He was lifted to the stretcher by the air medic team
and was hurried out to the chopper that had made an
emergency landing. Scully knew there would just
enough room for her partner and the gunman on the
aircraft. She did not want to leave her partner but
knew that she had to stay at the crime scene until
details had been given on the shooting, it was her
duty. She stepped back clear of the take off and
watched as her partner was airlifted towards GUMC for
surgery and medical care.

Scully walked back to the crime scene to retrieve
Mulder's gun but it was nowhere to be found. She
looked around but the gun was missing. He had drawn
the gun during the confrontation but now the gun was
gone, possibly picked up in the confusion. She looked
around and saw a blood covered Molly standing and
talking with the police. She walked over and
introduced herself to the Good Samaritan," I want to
officially introduce myself. I'm Dana Scully." She
reached out and Molly quickly took her hand.

She smiled down at Scully, "Actually I know who you
are, I just
moved into your apartment building about a month ago,
two doors down." She answered, her tone was quiet and
reserved and Scully understood why she had not met
her new neighbor. She and Mulder had been out of town
for a couple of weeks on a case. " I saw you come
home with your partner a few weeks ago outside the

Scully tried to search for recognition but could find
none at the moment, but she did have other things on
her mind though. Surely she would have recognized the
tall, slender, shapely brunette and Mulder would have
certainly commented on her if he had seen her
around." I'm sorry. I'm not a very good neighbor but
hopefully we will see more of each other. By the way
did you happen to see my partner's gun earlier?" she
asked with concern. She hoped some street person or
some member of a gang hadn't picked it up during the

She shook her head," I didn't, I'm sorry." She turned
to the police officer again, "May I leave now? I need
to be at work at seven and I need to run home and
take a shower and change clothes."

The officer nodded and then took her name, telephone
number and address. Soon she was on her way. Scully
was filling out the report and while she was filling
the missing report on her partner's gun she reached
for her cell phone but found it missing also. She had
called 911 and then dropped it beside of Mulder but
she had not seen it since that moment. She was very
concerned about her partner and they would need his
next of kin to sign papers. She needed to be at her
partner's side.

She quickly finished the reports and borrowed another
police officer's cell phone and called Skinner and
had told him about the shooting and Mulder's
location. She also told him about her cell phone and
Mulder's gun. Soon she was in their rental car on her
way to GUMC.


She entered through the emergency room double doors.
She walked up the admitting nurse and took a deep
breath," My name is Dr. Dana Scully. I am looking for
my partner, Fox Mulder. He was brought in
approximately an hour ago with a gunshot wound to his
chest and leg." She was out of breath from the run
from the parking deck. She just wanted to know where
her partner was and get to him and make sure he was
fine. When she had called earlier they had told her
that he was in the emergency room and the doctors
were assessing his needs.

The young nurse keyed in the name and then looked up
at Scully, "They took him to surgery about twenty
minutes ago. Dr Anderson told left instructions to
tell you to wait in the surgical waiting room on the
second floor. He will come and speak to you after the
surgery. He also wanted you to know that they have
called in Mulder's Thoracic surgeon that he listed
from a recent illness and that he is assisting with
Mr. Mulder's surgery."

Scully nodded her thanks and proceeded to the second
floor. She wasn't there long before Skinner and the
Gunmen joined her. She was pacing around the room
with her cup of coffee in her right hand while her
left hand was drumming against her thigh. She glanced
at her watch again and noted that Mulder had been in
surgery now for four hours and still nobody had come
out to tell her about

" That's it!" She was frustrated and she wanted
someone to talk to her and it had better be damn good
news too she thought to herself. She walked over to
the nurse's desk but nobody was there to answer
questions, well it was almost ten thirty at night and
most surgeries are done during the day. She shook her
head and turned around to see Skinner approaching.

"Dana, I know you're frustrated but Mulder is tough
and he is a fast healer. Maybe we can get someone to
go back and see if there is any news on his
condition." He had his hand on her shoulder and his
knees were slightly bent so he could meet her eyes.

She nodded and together they walked back over to the
waiting area. Scully sat down with the Gunmen while
Skinner went to find a nurse to seek information.

Frohike was feeling nervous and fidgety, he stood and
started to walk around the waiting area." The shooter
was probably related somehow to the Cigarette Smoking
Man. I'm sure this ties into the conspiracy." He
spoke in low tones, so nobody could hear his
conversation except his friends and Scully.

"Shut up hickey. Not now." Langly whispered in a
harsh tone.

Byers glared over at his friends and gave then both
reprimanding looks, "Scully can I get you another cup
of coffee?"

" If I drink another cup of coffee I will float out
of here." She stood and started pacing again. She
wanted some answers about her partner and if she had
to go and get gowned and gloved she was going to get
them." That's it. I'm not waiting another minute."
She threw her cup into the trash and started towards
the double doors that was labeled "Personnel Only".
She was getting ready to push them open when a tall
gentlemen with jet black hair with a dusting of gray
on the sides walked through the doors, it was Dr.
Black the Thoracic surgeon that had been consulted
for Mulder when he had returned from Asheville, North

" Dr. Scully." he spoke as he stopped and eyed the
small red headed woman.

" Dr. Black, how's Mulder?" avoiding the usual

" He did fine. We had a few complications but he is
doing fine now. His left lung collapsed due to the
bullet perforating the lung tissue but we inserted a
chest tube. We found the bullet
entry, which was underneath his fifth rib and it
exited out his back without any spinal injury. Dr.
Anderson is still working on his leg, he had a lot of
vascular damage and the bone snapped with the impact
of the bullet. He will need a lot of physical

" When do you think Dr. Anderson will be finished?"
she asked nervously.

" He allowed me to repair the damage from the bullet
wound to the chest before he started surgery on the
leg. I would say he would be finished soon. He wanted
to make sure the bleeding was completely stopped
before he closed. They will need to place a cast and
get the leg immobile due to the location of the
break." He motioned for Scully to follow him to the
set of chairs and waved for her to sit and he took
the chair beside her. "Listen, we all know Mulder and
he will want to do every thing quickly, especially
his recovery time but he can't this time due to the
severity of his wounds and the risks related to his
surgeries. He will be a prime candidate for pneumonia
and compartment syndrome. He is also at high risk due
to blood clots. His blood pressure also is elevated
but we think that is more related to his current
medical condition. Though we will watch him closely
due to his family history of strokes."

" We will sit on him if that is what it takes. I
promise he will do what he is suppose to do, or I
will shoot him myself." She seemed more relaxed
knowing that Mulder was doing fine and holding his

" According to Mulder you've done that before." He
smiled and stood, "Listen, as soon as Dr. Anderson is
finished I will send him out to talk to you. Maybe if
he is stable then you can come back to recovery when
we let him wake up for a few minutes. He won't be his
usual pleasant self, I guarantee, but he will love
seeing your face and that will give us a chance to
get some major things done without too much of a
fuss." He then started walking towards the surgical
suites and vanished behind the surgical doors.


A loud moan echoed through the recovery room and the
nurse rushed to her patient's side. "Mr. Mulder, it's
okay I'm going to give you something else for pain.
Dr. Anderson and Dr. Black want to talk to you before
you go back to sleep. Dr. Anderson is talking to your
partner right now. Hang on for a few more minutes.
Stay awake for me." She injected some Demerol into
his line and within a few minutes he was relaxing
some but he could still respond to her verbal

He felt like an elephant was sitting on his chest and
his leg was throbbing. The medicine was taking some
of the edge off the pain but he was hurting and he
really needed something stronger for pain. Whatever
she had put in the IV was not doing the trick. He
tried to concentrate on what the nurse had just said.
The doctor was talking to Scully. She was not hurt,
that was good. He watched as the nurse adjusted tubes
and emptied drains. He wanted to scream with pain but
his throat was hurting too much and he didn't want to
inflict any more damage. Then he heard somebody
talking in the room and the voices sounded familiar.

"Mr. Mulder, you're awake. How are you feeling?" Dr.
Black's voice filtered in through the agonizing pain
that was building up in his leg coupled by the pain
in his chest.

" Like I died and someone forgot to stop the pain."
He whispered through his gritted teeth.

"You're allergic to Morphine." He looked at the
nurse," Let's try a Fentanyl drip with an IM bolus of
100 mcq and then titrate on the PCA pump UP TO 50
MCQ'S an hour and a PCA dose of 2mcq's with a lockout
of five minutes. If the pain worsens the we will
adjust for pain tolerance." The nurse took down the
orders and went to the cabinet to retrieve the

Dr Anderson was looking at the leg and assessing
pulses, warmth and color of both legs. Dr Black stood
back to let his colleague finish his assessment. He
watched as the nurse drew up the med and walked over
to Mulder. "I need to give you some medicine
intramuscularly but we can't roll you right now due
to your leg. It needs to be kept completely still so
I am going to give it into your thigh. It will hurt
for a few minutes but I will put an ice pack to it
and it will feel better."

"Put it in my arm." He spoke weakly and he was
running out of energy and he felt the pain

"Mulder the dose is too big to go in your arm. Let
Kelly do her job and the sooner you will get pain
relief." Dr. Black watched as the nurse rubbed the
alcohol pad on Mulder's right upper thigh and then
pushed the needle into the muscle, he flinched a
little and bit his lip. She pushed the plunger and he
was not able to deal with the burning pain he was
feeling in his leg and he moaned loudly. Within
seconds the injection was finished and the nurse had
the promised ice pack on his leg. Dr. Black and Dr.
Anderson were rubbing his shoulder, encouraging him
to take nice, even breathes.

Then a voice came out of nowhere," It's okay Mulder.
Close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. I know
it hurts right now but this a good medicine for you.
Just let it do its job."

Just the sound of her voice brought tears to his
eyes. He was so glad she was here with him and not in
the cold waiting area. "Scully, are you okay?" he
asked as his eyes searched for hers and they locked
together. The pain started to subside and he reached
out his hand waiting for the tiny hand to take his
and squeeze gently.

"Mulder, I am fine. Just try to relax and let the
pain medicine help you to rest." She instructed in a
low tone. She could tell the medicine was doing its
job and she didn't want to startle him.

He nodded. The medicine was pushing him towards
sleep. The physicians left to sit at the nurse's
desk. They began to write orders but Scully stayed at
his side as the nurse continued to readjust wires and
hang bags of fluids. Within minutes he was asleep.


The constant tones of the monitors were playing in
the room. If he didn't feel like puking he would just
lie there and enjoy their gentle sounds. But he
needed to try to loose some food or liquid. He tried
to move but that brought a wave of unrelenting pain.
He needed help and evidently it wasn't visiting hours
because Scully was gone. He reached down and grabbed
for the call light that lay under his hand and pushed
the button. Quickly a nurse was entering the room.

"Hey Mr. Mulder. What's wrong." His pale face and
sweaty brow showing he was having some difficulty.

Before she could get to the emesis bowl he was
retching and the grimace on his face was showing his
pain. She knew that he was pulling every stitch in
his chest with the retching action. "Help me." He
wheezed out in between the retching episodes. He was
about to pass out when another nurse showed up with a
syringe and she pushed the contents into his IV. He
continued to retch but within several minutes he was
getting groggy again and he just wanted to sleep.

" Just sleep Mr. Mulder. Just relax. You are doing
good." The nurse whispered into her patient's ear.

"Where is Scully?" he had to know that she was near.
She would stop his pain. She would tell the doctors
that he was hurting and he needed something else for
pain. She was his best friend.

" We sent her home to rest. She will be back early in
the morning." The nurse was pushing back his gown and
inspecting the damage done by his episode. She was
pulling tape that tugged severely at the skin and she
was repositioning the chest tube and pulling at his
stitches. Then she was down south pulling at the
Foley. What kind of sadist was she, he thought to
himself? He wanted to sleep or pass out and the
nausea was creeping up again and he knew that he was
really going to be hurting if he started again.

"Sick 'gain." He mumbled again right before he tried
to puke up a lung. The episode lasted for several
minutes then Dr. Black was at his beside bed.

" Hey Mulder stop trying to undo my handy work." He
teased Mulder but he knew that his patient was beyond
teasing. He was miserable and he hated to do what he
was going to do next but it was necessary. "Mulder I
need to put a tube down your throat. It won't feel
good going down and I dare say that it will not feel
good staying in your nose but it is necessary. This
retching has already torn some stitches that will
need to be replaced but I am
afraid of you moving that leg too much. You are just
too ill to be puking right now and the antiemetic is
not doing the job.

He realized that the nasogastric tube was heading his
direction. He hated them but right now if it would
stop this terrible desire to bring up his stomach
through his mouth then he would tolerate the
discomfort. Well, his intentions were good, when the
tube hit the inside of nose then he had a different
idea, the tube was not going down if he could stop
it. He reached up to grab the tube when he was
restrained by soft, gentle hands. Within seconds soft
restraints were being fitted to his wrists. "Off!" he
gasped for breath as the tube made its way down his
throat. He was shaking his head and trying to get
away from the tube but again the gentle hands were
keeping his head still and the tube continued down
his throat. The voices were instructing him to
swallow and finally the torture ended.

He had tears from the feel of the tube in his
nostrils and a nurse came over with a warm washcloth
and wiped his face. The physician was still standing
at his bed with the gown away from the chest wound
and the bandages were being removed. "I'm sorry." He
wheezed out of his very sore throat.

Dr. Black looked over to his very upset patient,
"Mulder are you hurting right now?"

He nodded, it was too painful to talk.

He looked over to the nurse and gave increased the
Fentanyl orders for break through pain. He was also
asking for a suture kit and Xylocaine. "Sleep." It
was one word but the physician nodded and gave
another order for a continuous Haldol drip for the
next twenty -four hours with wake intervals every two
hours. His doctor was good. Within minutes he was


He had been on the Haldol drip for three days. When
he awakened enough to notice his surroundings he
realized that the nasogastric tube was gone. He felt
tired and still the pain was his main issue but the
nausea and vomiting had improved. He looked over at
his partner who was sitting in the chair, her legs
propped on the railings of his bed, reading a
Danielle Steele novel. She looked up from the book
and saw the hazel eyes half open and jumped to her
feet," Hey. How are you feeling?" the evidence of
very little sleep showing in her tired appearance.

He shrugged his shoulder, which brought a grimace of
pain from the small movement. His eyes rolled and he
gave her the pitiful puppy dog look.

"Dr. Black and Dr. Anderson both feel that you are
showing great improvement. They are talking about
moving you to a telemetry floor soon." She smiled and
started fussing over his tubes and his blanket.

He reached over and took her hand to stop her
movements. He looked up and mouthed the words,"

She shook her head," Mulder you will not be ready to
go home for a while. Your leg will need to be totally
immobile for a few weeks to allow healing then you
will need physical therapy. And we are still
concerned about your lung." She paused for a few
seconds and thought what if he was telling her to go
home and rest." Is that what you wanted to know

He nodded and closed his eyes, exhausted from the
small amount of time he was awake. Again he could not
speak due to his raw throat and Scully hand not
offered him anything to drink, not even ice chips,
which meant he was not allowed anything yet. He
yawned really big and tried to reposition himself in
bed but with his leg was in the cumbersome cast and
the small amount of movement he could manage involved
pulling some tube and causing himself terrible pain.

" Try to rest Mulder. " She attempted to help him get
into a comfortable position. They finally called the
nurse, who got assistance and repositioned him in
bed. He was completely exhausted and fell asleep
during the procedure of being turned.

Six hours later

He was awakened with a coughing fit. He wanted to
stop coughing because he knew it had a direct
correlation to the pain he was having in his chest.
He was wheezing and he felt short of breath. Scully
was hitting the call light and the room was filled in
a few minutes. The monitors were showing crazy
numbers and someone even brought in the crash cart.
He felt that he might just be getting ready to bite
the proverbial dust when he was able to get a good
breath. The o2 saturation monitor was screaming and
the monitor showing his vitals was screaming. They
were busy setting up something behind him and a mask
was placed over his face with medication, the taste
in his mouth was familiar. Within a few minutes he
was breathing better and the wheezing had improved. A
new face was towering over him and saying something
about brochospasms. A nurse was placing the
thermoscan in his ear and then instructing someone to
call Dr. Black. He tried to look around the room but
his view was limited due to the mask and the people
in the room.

After a few minutes familiar voices were speaking but
he could not respond due to the mask over his face.
Dr. Black was now standing at his bedside again
shaking his head and being rather rude to the nursing
personnel. He was yelling for a chest xray and blood
gases. His arterial line had been placed in surgery
and he did not get too upset at that familiar term.
He then looked around and noticed that Scully was
missing. She had been pushed out of the room before
but she knew the rules and that was that Dr. Black
was in charge of his case and that she trusted him to
make the right decisions. The sound of a constant
beeping was making its way into the room. They were
discussing how to elevate him for the xray without
having to bend the leg. He was getting tired and as
soon as this was over with he would go back to sleep.
The coughing was actually better. Then he knew that
Black was saying something about sputum cultures and
Respiratory induced sputum and then he recognized the
terms with instant dislike of what was going to
happen after the xray. The suction thing was going
down his nose and they would get their sputum. His
chest hurt at the thought.


He had been suctioned and tortured. He was starting
to feel really irritable. He just wanted to sleep now
and Dr. Black was talking about a VQ scan and other
terrible tests. He felt that the mask was suffocating
and that he was having a little bit harder time
breathing but he did not want the doctor to know or
he would probably be ordering a lobectomy.

Scully had taken the chart across the room and was
looking at his last blood gases and looking rather
intense. She shook her head and slammed the chart
shut. She realized within a few seconds that Mulder
had been watching her temper tantrum and walked over
to his bed. " Sorry. Hopefully I didn't wake you
Mulder." She picked up his hand and together they
intertwined their fingers and she gave him that
dazzling Scully smile.

" No I am very awake." He wheezed through the mask.
"I'm not having anymore tests Scully."

"Mulder, don't argue. The tests are for your own
good. You have pneumonia and that is very bad
considering your condition." She fussed at her

" The cure is worse than the disease then. What is on
the agenda now? More torturing tests or are they
going to put that thing back down my nose and do the
roto ruder thing again?" he tried to pull his aching
leg over but they had basically strapped that baby
down. He pushed his head back into the pillow and
rolled his eyes. He knew that his breathing was not
improving but it would take the antibiotics at least
twenty-four to forty-eight hours to do their job. "

" Yes Mulder." She tightened her hand around his hand
and pulled it towards her lips and placed a gentle
kiss to the back of his hand.

" Ummmm that feels nice." He got quiet for a few
seconds then he pulled the mask down from his face. "
I don't want to be intubated but if I do will you
make sure that I don't remember it." His face was
pleading and he knew that she could not deny him

She nodded and reached over and pulled his mask back
up over his face," I will make sure that you are
drugged to the gills Mulder. You won't remember a
thing. I promise."

He nodded and closed his tired eyes." I think I will
take a nap Scully. I'm tired."

"Take a nap Mulder. I will be right here." She
whispered as she watched his eyes close and his
breaths become less labored. She would not leave him

A few minutes later a very tired and frustrated Dr.
Black entered the room carrying a piece of paper with
Mulder's latest labs. The expression on his face told
Scully that he was not bearing good news. "His O2
Sats are still dropping." It was a statement more
than a question.

The doctor nodded," We will need to intubate. Is he
aware that this might occur?"

" We talked about it and he wants to be sedated while
he is on the ventilator. He understood that it would
probably be necessary." She reached over and pushed
his sweaty hair away from his face. His fever had
started elevating earlier and they had given him s
Tylenol suppository. He felt cooler to the touch and
she knew that he was breaking the fever." When are
you going to get started?"

" I think the sooner the better. He will need to
suction him frequently and he will need to be turned
every two hours. I will sedate him but he will have
to be alert enough only to assist in getting up the
phlegm. He will be fuzzy but not completely out of
it. He probably won't remember too much if anything
at all."

Scully nodded and proceeded to awaken her partner,"
Hey Mulder. Wake up sleepy head."

His eyes fluttered open and he looked up at his
partner, "What?" his voice low and gravely, his voice
was filled with sleep.

"Dr. Black feels that you need some assistance with
your breathing. Your oxygen saturation levels are
low. Your blood gases are showing low numbers. We
expected this and you need to be intubated."

" Drug me." He closed his eyes and turned his head
away, he did not want the tears in his eyes to give
away the feelings of fear that he was experiencing of
having that tube stuck down his throat.

"Dr. Black will give you something that will help you
sleep. You won't remember a thing." She pushed down
the siderails and sat down beside her partner. He
turned back to her and she saw the unshed tears. He
was afraid and that made her heart ache for what he
was having to suffer through. She gently stroked his
face and smiled.

Dr Black entered the room followed by a nurse and the
respiratory therapist. Another nurse entered pushing
the code cart." Mulder we need to put down a tube to
help you breathe. We need to do it
now. Do you have any questions?"

He shook his head afraid to talk or he might cry.
Scully reached over and gave Mulder a hug then stood
and walked to the corner of the room. Dr. Black and
the nurses pulled the bed away from the wall and
removed the headboard. The respiratory therapist was
preparing the ventilator. He looked up at the doctor
who was now giving orders for Versed and a continuous
Valium drip. He looked down at Mulder, who was
starting to really struggle with his breaths due to
his anxiety. Within minutes the Versed was making him
groggy and relaxed. Dr. Black tilted Mulder's head
back and placed the scope into his mouth. Mulder
gagged for a few seconds then the Versed relaxed him
enough that he was able to let it pass. He then
placed the endotracheal tube in after he visualized
the vocal cords. After he pulled out the inner
cannula the ventilator was hooked up and the machine
started to assist Mulder with his breaths. Dr. Black
looked taped the tube and listened to Mulder's lungs.
Mulder responded every to every breath with a slight
jerk, the meds had not had time to build up a blood

The monitors were placed on silent until Mulder was
better sedated. The stimulus of the chirping sounds
was causing him to jerk and act irritable. " Listen
to me Mulder, you need to relax. Just let go and we
will wake you if we need to but for right now you
need to sleep." Dr Black whispered into his patient's
ear. Within a few minutes he was breathing better
with the machine, no longer bucking the ventilator.
Scully was now on the opposite side of the bed
rubbing his arm and making soothing sounds.

Mulder was finally asleep and responding well to the
drugs. The respiratory therapist would suction him
every hour and administer breathing treatments to
help his lungs improve. Dr. Black motioned Scully to
the door." He will probably be on the ventilator for
a week maybe less. We will need to start him on a
nutritional supplement. We can start him on TPN and
Lipids or we can place a nasogastric tube and start
him on tube feedings until he is able to eat.

Scully bit her lip as she thought about what Mulder
would want. She knew that with TPN that he would need
a lot of extra blood work and finger sticks four
times a day. She did not want Mulder to suffer
anymore than he had to and she felt that he would not
mind the NG tube as long as he did not remember
having it so she opted for the tube. He would write
the orders. Scully returned to her partner's side,
she would keep her promise to stay by his side.


Mulder had been on the ventilator for seven days and
finally he would be extubated today. He had improved
tremendously and had no complications. Scully had not
been home in a week. Dr Black told her to go home and
he would extubate Mulder and allow him to awaken when
she returned. She felt that he would be fine so she
grabbed her coat and proceeded to go home to shower
and change clothes so she could get back. She didn't
want Mulder to be alone when he finally was allowed
to wake up. They knew that he would be irritable and
disoriented when he finally awakened from the drugs.
He would need her by his side.

The code was called two doors down from Mulder's ICU
cubicle. Nobody could hear the beep of his IV pump
beeping. His eyes fluttered open and he searched for
Scully but he could not see her. He was propped on
his side and within minutes he realized that the tube
was still down his throat. He panicked and started
bucking the respiratory, which started sending out
loud tones but nobody came. He could not move his
hands, they were restrained to his side. His eyes
started tearing with the strain of trying to get his

A nurse walked into the room but she did not look
familiar. She was not dressed in the ICU scrubs and
she was not carrying any sharp objects. " Fox, you
need to calm down. The nurses are busy taking care of
another patient right now. Just let the machine
assist you with your breaths." Her voice was calm and
gentle. She seemed to know that he was having more of
a panic attack than an actual respiratory problem.
She glanced up at the IV and noted that the Valium
drip was depleted. " Listen, you should not be awake.
Your medicine has run out and I bet your nurse would
be upset if she knew that you were awake." She pulled
up a chair and cut off the offending noise. " I will
stay with you until your nurse gets a chance to
replace the fluids.

He nodded and looked over to the pretty brunette. She
looked familiar but he could not place where he had
seen her or heard her voice. He closed his eyes and
tried to concentrate on not fighting the thick tube
that ran down his throat. After a few minutes he was
letting the machine do its job. She reached over and
held his hand and for a few seconds he thought she
was a lot like Scully in that she knew how to calm
him with words.

Mulder's nurse walked in a few minutes later with a
bag of fluid. She glanced down at her very awake
patient and noticed the nurse sitting beside his bed
without a nametag. " Mulder, what are you doing
awake?" she then turned to the nurse sitting bedside
of Mulder, " I'm sorry I don't know you."

" My name is Molly. I work in the Emergency room. I
came up to check on Fox, we were in the same store
the day he got shot. I just wanted to get an update
and see how he was doing."

The nurse walked around and looked down at her
patient," He is doing much better. Actually he will
get the tube out as soon as Dr. Scully and Dr. Black
arrive. She looked down at her attentive patient," We
were going to awaken you but since you are awake and
doing fine I will let you stay awake for a while.
Your doctor will explain any questions about your
pneumonia when he extubates you." She hung the IV
fluids and then exited the door.

" I have to get back to work. You just stay calm and
don't fight that tube." She reached over and pushed a
stray lock of hair off his face, smiled and then
turned and left.  She definitely reminded him of his
partner. He closed his eyes and concentrated on
letting the machine do its job and anxiously awaited
Scully to return.

He could not help it but after thirty minutes of
waiting he started to fight the machine again and the
nurse reentered with a syringe. "Hey you did good but
I can't let you keep fighting the machine. I'm going
to give a little something to help you get relaxed so
that you don't fight so much. She placed the syringe
in the port and pushed the plunger and within a few
minutes he was relaxing and he stopped fighting the
tube and a few minutes later the nurse watched as he
closed his eyes in sleep. She started the Valium drip
back again and exited the room.


" Mulder, come on Mulder wake." She whispered into
his ear. Her right hand was holding his restrained
hand and her left hand stroking his face gently. Dr.
Black had removed the tube and ordered more lab work.
He would still get oxygen and Albuterol breathing

He opened his eyes with a vacant stare then he tried
to move his mouth but the words would not flow. It
was so sore and he thought he was going to choke on
his own spit when a spoon of ice made its way into
his mouth. He never thought ice could taste so good.

" You look drugged Mulder." She smiled her hundred
watt smile.

He nodded, still afraid to talk. He looked around and
did not see the machine that had breathed for him for
the past several days. He was feeling better though,
the pain was now a dull ache in his leg. He did feel
weak though and he wanted to go back to sleep. He
made the sign for a pencil and paper and wrote

"Not soon Mulder. Sorry." She handed the paper back
to Mulder and shook her head, "Listen. You need to
know that you will go to rehab first. That leg was
injured pretty badly and you will need to rebuild
your strength."

His shaky hand wrote again, "No! I want to go home."

" We will discuss it later with Dr. Anderson and Dr.
Black. Right now you must rest. You've been through a
lot Mulder." She stood and placed the pad on the
bedside table then dimmed the room light. " I will
let your nurse know that you are awake, maybe she has
some things she needs to do before you go back to
sleep." She turned and left the room.

He noted that she did not use the call light and that
she was trying to avoid his intentions of leaving
this place and going home. He would get Homecare to
take care of his needs and he would hire a nurse's
assistant to help in his home. He was not going to
spend anymore time in a hospital. He was going home
and recuperate because the thought of staying in the
hospital made him ill.

End of part one/continued in part two of three.




Scully walked onto the ICU unit and the nurse's gave her a
discerning look. She instantly knew that her partner was giving
the poor nurse's Hell. She walked into his cubicle and stared
down at her partner," Okay Mulder what did you do today?"

His answer was interrupted by a deep hacking cough that produced
some thick green sputum. He spit it into the collection bowl and
shrugged his shoulders. " I have no idea what you are talking
about." He gagged out of his sore throat.

"Mulder, fess up. I just walked by the nursing station and I was
in fear of my life. Last night was bad enough, having to witness
the glove with your name on it hanging in the nurse's lounge with
IV tubing hanging around what I believe was its neck and spit
balls attached to its latex body." She paused to cover her grin
with her hand then proceeded, "Oh and let's not forget the
growing count of how many times you can ring that call light. The
marks on the board have exceeded the space available and now they
are just putting numbers with lots and lots of zeroes."

" Scully you are exaggerating. I have been nothing but an angel
today. I promise I haven't caused any problems. I swear." He kept
his right hand under the covers with his fingers crossed and his
other hand was raised in a boy scouts three-finger salute.

"You were in the Indian Guides Mulder." She shook her head and
sat down beside her mischievous partner. Only days ago the staff
would have given their right arm trying to save his life but now
they just wanted to end it. Even Dr. Anderson and Dr. Black
feared the nursing staff's wrath for such an ornery patient as
Mulder. Thankfully, he would be getting discharged to rehab
within the next day or two.

Mulder pushed his head against the pillow and looked over at his
partner," They can't make me go."

" Mulder don't get me started. Your doctors and I agree that you
are too weak to go home by yourself. I have a case that I am
helping with for VCS per Skinner's request. I can't take care of
you Mulder, not with all the antibiotics and pain medications
that you will need to go home on at first. And even with Homecare
personnel you would still need rehab every day at least twice

" I'm not going to go to another hospital Scully. I refuse and I
will sign the AMA papers. I refuse to be placed in another
facility when I know that I can go home and have a better
recovery." He pushed his body up with his elbows and looked out
of the cubicle, " If you think these guys hate me then you will
be lucky if the nurse's in rehab don't hire an assassin and take
me out."

She shook her head and she knew that he was telling the truth.
They would be doing more than hanging latex gloves with Mulder
printed on it in red ink. "Okay but I will need to get a bed and
someone to watch you twenty-four hours a day. I will need to hire
a nurse or a tech to assist because you will not be able to walk
to the bathroom for a while Mulder. Someone will need to be there
to empty your bedpan." She smiled as she said the last statement.

He had won the battle so he kept his mouth closed at the sound of
bedpan and no activity but at least he could go home, even if it
was Scully's home. He closed his eyes and relaxed," Thank you
Scully." His tired voice whispered.

She shook her head and wandered what she had just gotten herself
into now. She knew that Mulder would not obey the rules and that
he usually caused himself for harm than good. She shook her head
and stood, reaching over to kiss his forehead, "Please do not
tick the nurse's off any more than you possibly don't have to
Mulder. I want to have at least one day without calls from the
nursing staff complaining about your bad behavior and threats of
restraints and drugs. Okay?"

He nodded and smiled innocently." Anything, for you Scully.

" Sure Mulder. Anything." She mumbled in a low voice as she
exited his cubicle. Now she had to go and convince Dr. Anderson
and Dr. Black of the plan. She shook her head as the staff waved
good-bye with sardonic grins and then they started towards
Mulder's room to give his bed bath. ' Revenge is an ugly thing,'
she thought to herself, 'But sometimes it's necessary.' She
grinned as she heard the wailing of Mulder's voice behind her.

Dana Scully's apartment
Four days later

Mulder's physicians had been reluctant to allow Mulder to go home
with Scully instead of going to rehab but they knew that they
really did not have a chose with their stubborn patient. They
released him to her but with discretion. If he did not do what he
said he would do and that meant doing to rehab in the morning and
at night. Also he had to take his medications as directed or he
would be taken back to the hospital and placed at the ICU nurse's
mercy and that threat had placed a great fear into her partner.
He still swore that they had some sort of vendetta against him,
he thought to himself as he adjusted the crooked diaper that they
had placed on him prior to discharge. They told him it might be a
long ride home.

The chest tube had been removed and the IV fluids stopped. He was
still sporting the cast and a heplock for IV antibiotics that he
still had to get once a day and pain meds. His hospital bed was
placed in the guest bedroom and Scully had arranged Homecare. She
would use them twenty-four hours a day. She still had to work and
that meant that she needed to sleep and still be able to function
at her job.

She was getting ready for work when the phone rang. The Homecare
nurse could not come today and the agency was unable to replace
her with anyone. She knew that physical therapy would be arriving
at eight o'clock and that she needed to be at Quantico at nine
for an autopsy. She hated to bother her new neighbor but she
needed a nurse and she would be willing to pay for her herself.
She stepped outside of the apartment, trying not to arouse a
still sleeping Mulder. She proceeded two doors down and rang her
bell. She knew that she worked at GUMC but was really not aware
of her shifts.

A few minutes later a very sleepy Molly appeared at her door.
"Good morning." She greeted as she pushed her hand through her
newly dyed red hair. " I'm sorry I worked late last night. I must
look pretty scary."

" I'm sorry. I would have called but I didn't know your last
name." She paused for a few minutes," You look different. Did you
do something with your hair?" Scully felt guilty for awakening
her neighbor from her sleep.

" My natural color. I needed a change. What can I do for you?"
she asked as she pulled the door to behind her, blocking the view
of her apartment from Scully.

" I hate to impose but I know that you are a nurse. I was
actually wondering if you could house sit my partner this morning
until I can get someone from Homecare. The morning nurse
cancelled and I need to do an autopsy this morning. I really hate
to impose but he really can't be left alone"

Molly anxiously nodded," I would love to help. What's a good
neighbor for Agent Scully? I will be over in about thirty
minutes. If that is okay?" she asked as she started back into her
dark apartment.

" Please take your time. I will wake up grumpy and get him ready
for his eight o'clock physical therapy appointment. He just loves
his therapist." Her voice was sarcastic but playful. "Thank you
so much. I really do appreciate it and so does Mulder." She
disappeared back down the hallway back into her apartment.

Molly walked back into her apartment. How had such luck  befallen
her? It had to be fate. She could start to work immediately on
her project. She looked around the darkened apartment at the many
photos she had gathered of her new lover. He was such a handsome
fellow. She really would take care of him and she would be able
to replace the red headed woman eventually.

Scully's Apartment

" Mr. Mulder. You need to remember that you should be working
with the upper arm strength during the day and do not bother with
the leg yet. It will be another week before Dr. Anderson will let
me even let you sit on the side of the bed." The therapist
instructed his stubborn patient.

Mulder nodded and closed his eyes. He was exhausted. The two-hour
session had exhausted him and he was hurting so bad. His chest
was even more sore than usual due to the deep breathing he would
do after the exercises. He felt miserable.

" Is there anything I can do for you Mulder?" Mike asked as he
packed his equipment.

" Yeah. Can you ask Molly if I can get something for pain and
nausea?" he was sweaty and the feeling of nausea was
overwhelming, he was really hurting.

" Sure. Pain must be pretty bad Mulder?" Mike asked as he closed
his case and sat it on the floor.

Mulder nodded and supported his chest with his arms. "Really
bad." He spoke through clinched teeth.

Mike walked into the kitchen where Molly was fixing some tea.
"Hey. Our patient is in a lot of pain and he is nauseated too.
Can he have anything?"

She picked up the instructions that Scully had left and nodded
her head. He can have some Demerol and Phenergan. Tell him I'm

Mike nodded and went back to Mulder. " She is getting you
something now. Are you going to be all right?"

He nodded and closed his eyes. He just hurt too much to be having
any conversation.

Molly entered the bedroom with two syringes." Hey Mulder. I need
to give you something for pain. Hang on." She whispered to her
charge. She would take care of him now but she needed to get her
plan moving. She would not have too many opportunities. She
injected the Demerol and Phenergan into the heplock and then
flushed it with saline mixed with Digoxin. She would start him
off with low doses of Digoxin and then increase gradually. She
would monitor him and his heartrate at intervals. The best kind
of poison and nobody will suspect her. Her plan would go well.
She smiled down at Mulder and spoke in a low tone," Just rest now
and I will back to check on you in a little while.

He nodded and closed his eyes. He had met her before but he could
not remember when. He was so tired. Within minutes he was


Scully entered the apartment and heard laughter in Mulder's
bedroom. She laid down her keys and hung up her coat then walked
back to the bedroom. She saw Molly sitting on the chair bedside
Mulder's bed. They were playing cards and were having a good
time. "Hey guys. How are you feeling Mulder?"

Mulder smiled,"I would be feeling a whole lot better if she was
wasn't beating my butt."

" He cheats. Or at least he tries to cheat but he fails
miserably." She laughed noting that Scully was now standing over
Mulder and touching his arm.

" What do you want for supper Mulder?" Scully asked as she
started to pull off her jacket and started kicking off her heels.

" He has been nauseated most of the day so I've kept him on clear
liquids. But he hasn't vomited. Maybe he is getting a virus." She
laid down her cards and reached over and touched his forehead. "
No fever though."

"Mulder, maybe it's your antibiotic. I will give Dr. Anderson a
page and see if he wants to change it or if he wants to just take
a wait and see approach." Scully picked up her shoes and walked
out of the room." I'll be back in a few minutes.Molly you are
welocme to stay for dinner." She yelled from the hallway.

Molly looked down at the handsome man and shook her head. He
needed someone to take care of him. He was such a good looking
man. She reached down and ruffled his hair," Hey I need to go and
get ready to work. Tell your partner I wouldn't mind to come over
in the morning to check on you." She smiled and grabbed her bag
and started towards the door.

" That would be nice. Maybe we can play some more cards?" he
smiled at his new friend.

" Strip poker maybe, though you would not have much to lose." She
was making note the fact that all he could wear was a gown and

" Not fair." He grumbled as he pushed himself down into the

" Maybe not for you Mulder but I would enjoy." She teased as she
left the room.

As Molly was getting ready to leave she heard a door open in the
hallway and a very wet haired Agent Scully walked out into the
hallway. " Are you not staying for supper?" she asked as she made
her way towards Molly.

" Gotta go to work tonight. Maybe tomorrow." She opened the door
and started to exit," Do you think you might need me tomorrow? He
was in a lot of pain today after his morning session of therapy.
I wouldn't mind checking up on him after I get up in the
morning." She knew that she would have a better opportunity of
giving him his fifth dose of Digoxin.

" That would be great. By the way, how much do I owe you for
today?" Scully reached for her purse and pulled out her

She waved her hand, "Hey what are good neighbors for? My
pleasure." She opened the door and stepped out into the hall,"
Besides I enjoy beating him at cards."

" It's fun to beat him at something every once in a while. Thanks
for helping today." Scully was standing in the doorway.

" Your welcome. Gotta go. Tell Mulder I will see him in the
morning." She waved and within minutes she was disappearing
behind her apartment door. Scully closed her door and walked back
to Mulder's bedroom. He was fast asleep so she turned off his
light and closed his door. She would make him some broth and
jello, his favorite hospital foods.

Scully's Apartment

The physical therapist was finishing up Mulder's second therapy
session for the day. Mulder again was hurting pretty bad so the
therapy session had to be cut short. He looked at Mike." Is this
going to get any better? I mean the pain."

He nodded," Yeah Mulder but it will take a while. You have been
bedridden almost three weeks. It will take time but I promise it
will get better. Practice your exercises as I taught you and you
will feel better and stronger."

After Mike finished packing up his equipment then he went to look
for Agent Scully to get Mulder something for pain. Within minutes
she returned with a small cup of pills. " Here Mulder, lets try
the pills first and if you don't get any relief then I will give
you something IV."

" I don't want pills Scully. I want a shot. I am hurting and I
feel like I'm going to puke." He felt whiney and pitiful and he
wanted to quit hurting.

" Mulder I spoke with Dr. Anderson earlier and he wanted me to
keep you off the IV meds unless the pills don't work. He felt
that you would need more medicine when therapy started on your
leg and he doesn't want you to build up a tolerance to the pain
meds." She handed him the pills and a small glass of juice.

He reluctantly accepted the pills and popped them in his mouth
and drank the juice. He then pushed his head down onto the
pillow. " I really hurt Scully. Really." He sounded like a small
child that had not gotten his way.

" I know Mulder. I know." She retrieved the cup and exited the
room. Dr. Anderson had also changed his antibiotic, which she
needed to pick up and start tonight.

The tech was in the kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee. " Hey I
need to run to the hospital pharmacy to get Mulder's antibiotic.
I will be back in about an hour. If he wants anything else for
pain then just page me on my pager."

The tech nodded and Scully gave her the new cell phone number.
She picked up her coat and she was out the door.


She was pasting pictures that she had taken while he was on the
ventilator into the scrapbook. She had taken every opportunity to
get a picture of her new, good looking lover. She always had to
be careful not to let the red haired woman catch her but she had
taken several good pictures of him as she struggled against the
ventilator. She laid the book down and looked around, " Soon Fox.
You will be with me and we will live happily ever after. That
partner of yours is too bossy and she can't take very good care
of you. But I will take care of you Fox. I will always take care
of you." She walked back into her bedroom and she admired all of
her pictures. She had picked this apartment because she wanted to
be closer to Him. She could not move into his apartment building
because there was no vacancy. She wanted to be near him and this
was as close as she could get without being too conspicuous.

She pulled out the vials of Digoxin and stared at them. She had a
plan and Fox Mulder was going to be part of that plan. She drew
up the dosage and placed it in her pocket. She would go and see
how he was doing after his therapy session in the morning. The
red haired woman would be gone and she would have him to herself
for a while. She couldn't sleep. She was so excited. She had
called out of work so she could stay at home and work on her
pasting. She needed to have everything ready to go when it was
time. He would need a lot of things. She would take the weekend
to go and get their place ready. He will love it, she thought to
herself. He will be with me forever. She picked up a framed
portrait of the man as he lay on the floor of the store. She had
been so lucky to snap a shot of him as he lay on the floor
bleeding. He was so good looking. She walked over and sat down on
her bed. She was so excited about their future together. She
needed to get him away from the evil woman. She was such a vixen.
She did not deserve to be his partner. She picked up the pillow
and looked underneath. She eyed the service weapon and the cell
phone she had taken the day he had been shot, her trophies. She
was so happy that she was going to be with her lover.

She pulled back her covers and laid the picture down in the bed
and she laid down beside it. He will be so happy with me, she
thought to herself. He will love me as much as I love him and we
will have many children together.

Scully's Apartment

She had been up several times through the night, assisting the
tech. Mulder was having severe diarrhea and stomach cramps. He
was now begging for relief, even if it meant going back to the
hospital. She went back to check up on him and he was finally
asleep. The tech walked out of the room with a basin of emesis. "
He finally vomited and went to sleep. He may need some Phenergan
if he wakes back up. He was pretty nauseated." The tech then
proceeded to the bathroom to empty the bowl.

Scully walked into the bedroom and found that Mulder was not
sleeping but was staring at the wall. He turned his head and
smiled a small smile. " Sorry."

" Mulder. You have nothing to be sorry about. I'm going to get
you something for nausea. Are you hurting?"

" Some but I'm so nauseated that it really doesn't matter about
the pain. I can't swallow the pills."

" I'll get you something intravenous for your pain. I'll be back
in a minute." She reached down and kissed his sweaty forehead and
patted him on the arm. She was getting concerned about his
hydration status and she knew that she would be met with
resistance about going back to the hospital. She went to get the

Scully's Apartment

Molly knocked on the door. Finally a small gray headed woman
answered," Hi. I'm Molly. I took care of Mulder yesterday. How is
he doing today?"

The small gray haired woman motioned Molly into the apartment,
"He had a very bad night. Dr. Scully stayed home today to take
care of him. They had to start him on some fluids this morning.

Molly walked back to Mulder's room and found Agent Scully sitting
in a chair and holding Mulder's hand. She held onto the anger
that she could feel welling up inside of her but she knew that
she would have him all to herself soon. " How is Mulder?"

"Dr. Anderson came by this am and felt that he was getting
dehydrated. We did some blood work and sent it to the lab. We
thought it was the antibiotics but now he is starting to run a
low grade fever and he is getting rather lethargic. If he doesn't
improve by tomorrow then we will admit him for a lab work up and

Molly could not help but to worry about the blood work. She
needed to get him weak enough that he would not fight her but she
did not want him dead. He could not be a good lover if he was
dead. She moved over to her lover and placed her hand on him
gently. " I will stay with him if you need to get some things
done this morning. I don't go back to work until tonight."

" Are you sure? I really need to go and pick up some more things
from the store. He is still unable to tolerate anything except
clear liquids." Scully hated to leave him but Molly was a nurse
and she would take good care of him.

" My pleasure. Mulder and I will just fine, besides the tech can
help if I need her assistance. I'll be here when you get back."

Mulder turned his head and slid open his right eye, "Molly?"

" Hey Mulder. How are you feeling?" her voice was soft and

" Like hell." He tried to turn but he was too nauseated and had
to close his eyes and lie still.

Scully stood and walked over to Molly," I really appreciate you
staying and helping. I will be back soon. Call me on the cell
phone if he needs anything or if he gets worse."

Molly nodded and took Scully's seat next to Mulder. She reached
up and took his hand and a small smile crossed his lips." Try to
sleep Mulder."

He nodded his head and within a few minutes he was snoring
lightly. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the larger
dose of Digoxin and slid the needle into the port of the IV and
pushed the plunger. He would really start feeling the effects by
tomorrow but she did not have time to go and ready their new
home. She would have to act soon.

Scully's Apartment

" Agent Scully I need to go and get ready for work. I will check
on Mulder in the morning. If you need me give me a call." Molly
yelled down the hallway. Scully was busy making some soup for
Mulder. She walked back in Mulder's bedroom and again injected
the Digoxin into the IV port. She then reached down and felt his
pulse, it was slow but within normal limits of an athletic man
and nobody would suspect. He had been pretty sick today with the
diarrhea and the vomiting persisting. She would need to take him
to their home soon. She would make plans today. She gathered her
stuff and exited the apartment. She would give notice tomorrow
that she would not be returning to her job.

Scully walked into Mulder's bedroom to speak to Molly but she had
already left. She checked on her sleeping partner then went back
to the kitchen. She would need to call the doctor again about
Mulder's deterioration. She wanted to see the lab work too.

Scully's Apartment

She had not slept so far and by the way things were looking she
was going to have to take Mulder back to the hospital. He had
gotten to the point of dry heaves only. He still was having
severe diarrhea and he was extremely lethargic, answering
questions only with a nod of the head or a growl. The nursing
tech was exhausted and to be truthful so was she. The VCS needed
her to do another autopsy at Quantico this morning but she needed
to call Mulder's doctor to see if he wanted to admit Mulder for a
complete blood work-up and xrays. He seemed to be getting worse
instead of better. He had complained of having a really bad
headache an hour ago and it was followed by some pretty vivid
hallucinations of little green men chasing him and trying to get
him to play hop scotch. She was going to run a battery of tests
on him herself if the doctor did not admit him back to the

" Scully their back. Help me!" he screamed from his room. She ran
back to his room and he again was having hallucinations.

" Mulder you are fine. It's me. It's Scully. Nobody is going to
hurt you, I promise." She crawled up on his bed and pulled him
into her arms and held him tight. She was getting frustrated at
his symptoms and she needed to know what was going on with her
partner. She held him tight as he fought with his dreams.


She was busy packing her things for the trip. She had filled up
her van earlier with gas and purchased groceries. She also packed
her wedding dress. They would be married soon. He would come to
love her as he loved his partner. She would be a good wife. She
would need to devise a way to get Agent Scully out of the
apartment. She could send her to the hospital to check on
Mulder's lab tests or have her run to the store again. She would
be creative.

She took the last of the boxes to the van and walked back up the
stairs. She was almost to the door when Scully walked out of the
apartment. Perfect timing she thought to herself." Agent Scully
how is Mulder this morning?" her voice full of concern like a
good wife to be should be when her loved one is ill.

" Hey Molly. He was taken to the hospital last night. I'm going
to visit him now. I had to come home to grab some of his personal
stuff. If you're at the hospital tonight why don't you come to
visit him. He would love your company." She locked the door and
started down the hallway.

She had to hold her anger inside. What if they found out her
plan? " Tell him I'll drop by later. Hope he gets to feeling

Scully nodded and went on her way to the elevator. She needed to
get back to Mulder. He was admitted with dehydration and possible
sepsis. She did not want to leave him for too long. He had many
tests scheduled this am and would be busy for a while.

Molly went into her apartment and shut her door. She was angry.
"Why did they take you to the hospital. I was suppose to take
care of you not her." She picked up her purse and threw it across
the room, her keys and change went flying across the floor. She
then picked up a flower vase and threw it against the wall, the
tiny shards of glass flying through the room. " You are cheating
on me aren't you Fox? Well, your little girlfriend might need a
good fall or maybe her brakes could fail on her vehicle. You
should never trust her to take care of you. You are mine!" She
started to pull her hair and scream but then she stopped. " I
will come and save you Fox. You hate hospitals. I will take you
away from the bad place. I'm coming Fox. I am coming." She walked
into the bedroom and threw back the pillow and picked up the gun
and held it against her cheek. She then picked up Scully's cell
phone and threw it against the bathroom wall and smiled as the
plastic shattered against the tile.  Fox was hers and nobody else
would have him but her. He was going to be her husband. They
would make beautiful children together. She had to act on her
plan now before the red headed lady tried to interfere. " I love
you Fox. I will save you."

Continued in part 3/3


Mulder was finally able to take in fluids. He was feeling a
little better but was having a difficult time staying awake.
He still had a headache from hell but he was feeling better.
He wanted to be on a regular floor but Scully and Dr.
Anderson and Dr. Black insisted on the ICU. The staff still
remembered him and they were still angry at his bad behavior
from his prior visit.

Scully walked into his cubicle and smiled down at her
partner. "Hey Mulder. How are you feeling?"

"Tired. Oh, and my leg itches." He moaned and closed his
eyes. He felt that all he could do was sleep.

" Sorry but they can't give you anything for the itching. It
might disguise some of you other symptoms. Maybe I can find
some lotion to rub on the exposed areas." She pulled a chair
over and sat down beside her partner.

" MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Scully. Promises, promises." He moaned.
"Have they figured out what is going on with me yet so I can
go back to my room at your place?" He asked with half opened

" So far everything is looking fine. Your white count is
slightly elevated but with your low grade fever that is not
a surprise. We are concerned. You are too lethargic and we
can't explain why you are having such severe diarrhea and
vomiting. Dr. Black wants to run several more blood tests."

" They've taken enough blood. I'm feeling a lot better." He

" Sorry Mulder but you physicians are stumped as to what
caused such a violent reaction. Even your EKG is showing
some abnormal activity when compared to your previous stay."
She reached out and took his hand and gave it a gentle
squeeze. "Just hang in there Mulder, we will figure it out
and then you can go home."

" I'm going back to sleep. Wake me when they want some more
blood." He closed his eyes and within minutes he was asleep.

Scully stood and slipped quietly out of the room. She was
tired but she wanted to go back to the lab and check the
blood tests herself.


Molly had dressed in her nursing uniform and placed her
badge on her jacket. Today would be her last day at work.
She had not called and told them she was going to quit. She
knew that she would not even be finishing her shift today.
She was going to be taking her lover to their new home. She
backed her van into the emergency room employee parking lot
for easy access. She then opened the door to the back of the
van and saw the gurney she had had welded to the side of the
van. What a lie she had to tell to get that little task
done. She had broken into Agent Scully's apartment and had
taken Mulder's clothes. He would need to be dressed nice for
his wedding night. She had visions of them making love all
night. She would need to remove the cast so she had stopped
at Kmart and purchased an electric handsaw. She would have
her lover comfortable for his honeymoon night.

She entered the emergency room as usual and started to work.
She could barely keep her mind on what she had to
accomplish. She made sure that she took several vials of
Valium and Caffeine from the cabinet after the shift change.
They would not realize that they were missing until shift
changed again several hours later. She also pocketed several
syringes and bottles of saline. She would be prepared to
help him sleep on his ride to their new home. She had
already taken the Demerol and Phenergan from the red headed
woman's apartment and stored them in the van. She was ready
to make her move.

She told her supervisor that she was going to supper and
went to get a gurney. She would rescue him tonight. He
needed her and they needed to be together forever.


Scully had studied the lab work carefully. He had been
sleeping most of the day and only awakened when they were
drawing blood or taking his vitals. The monitors were
beeping softly and the light was dim. They had done
extensive lab tests and had decided to even do a urine and
blood drug screen, feeling that he may have levels of his
regular medicines that may have elevations that might cause
him problems. She was going to go to the lab with Dr. Black
when he returned. Dr. Anderson had been in surgery all day
and would meet them in the conference room at nine o'clock
to discuss Mulder's condition. She reached over the bed and
kissed his cheek and pushed his unruly hair away from his
face. " I'll be back in a little while Mulder."

He nodded but did not open his eyes. She closed the glass
door behind her and proceeded towards the lab.

Molly guided the gurney up to the ICU floor. She parked it
outside of Mulder's cubicle and reached for his chart.
Nobody was at the station since it was change of shift for
the ICU and everyone was making rounds. She quickly wrote an
order for a CAT scan of the left leg and signed Dr.
Anderson's name to the chart and added the computer numbers
from where she had already entered them downstairs. She then
walked over to Mulder's cubicle with the gurney. She would
take him down her self.

A young nurse walked out of Mulder's cubicle holding an
empty syringe. " May I help you?" She asked as she placed
the empty syringe into the needle box.

" I'm helping radiology out tonight. I came to take Fox
Mulder down for a CAT scan. I believe the test was ordered
by Dr. Anderson.

" I don't remember anyone telling me about a CAT scan in
report. Hold for a second and let me check his chart." The
nurse walked over to the nurse's station and pulled the
patient's chart. She read the order and carried the chart
back over and handed it over to Molly." How long do you
think it will take? He just got something for nausea and he
has some antibiotics due at nine."

" He should be back by then." she lied and together they
assisted a very lethargic Mulder onto the gurney. He looked
up and recognized his friend but did not have the energy to
talk. He just closed his eyes and slept.

She pushed the gurney with the IV pole attached to the
morgue and with his body covered up. She removed all the
wires and monitor leads except for the heplock for his meds.
She left him on the gurney with the side rails up and
locked. She gathered some extra IV supplies and bags of
fluids to take with her and then placed them under the
gurney. She then propped open the morgue entrance and walked
the short distance to her van and brought it to the doorway
of the morgue loading dock. She easily slid the gurney into
the van off the ramp and pulled Mulder over into the welded
bed. She then covered him up so that he was nice and warm
and applied the restraints. She removed the other gurney
after retrieving the medical supplies and slid into the
driver's seat with a good view of her lover in the back. He
would sleep for a while.

She started to pull away from the dock when she realized
that she had not given him a dose of Digibind. She would
need to reverse the effects of the Digoxin. She pulled the
syringe out of the box on the passenger seat and stepped to
the back and pushed the drug into the IV port. He would
start feeling better soon.

She then left he parking lot and started towards the
interstate. Nobody would miss him for a least an hour. She
felt so good to have her lover safe with her now. She would
make him a good wife. He would make love to her and she
could have his children. They would grow old together. He
would be a great husband and she would be the perfect wife.


Scully had reviewed the results of the drug screen and had
found the drug Digoxin. She could not believe the test and
had it rerun but in both the urine and the blood screens the
drug appeared. Mulder had Digoxin toxicity. He had all the
signs of being Digoxin toxic, he was nauseated, having
severe diarrhea and vomiting. Having severe headaches and
blurred vision and even the hallucinations were caused by
the toxicity. His level was at 3.3 and he could die from
complications if the drug was not stopped soon. He would
need Digibind soon or he could die.

She rushed back to the ICU after paging Dr. Black and Dr.
Anderson. When she had arrived ten minutes later he was
gone. His nurse had explained that an order was written for
a CAT scan of his leg but she was told by the red headed
nurse that he would be back within the hour. Scully shook
her head and pulled out her cell phone, it had to be Molly
but why?  She turned to the nurse and instructed her to call
security and tell them to lock down the building, a federal
agent was missing. 'Nobody in and nobody out' was the order
given. She dialed Skinner's number and listened to it ring.

" Skinner." The sleepy voice answered.

" Sorry sir but we have a problem. I believe that Agent
Mulder has been kidnapped sir and is currently missing from
the hospital. I also have reason to believe sir that he was

" Hang on Agent Scully. You mean Mulder is missing from the
hospital? Who would have reason to kidnap him agent?"

" Yes sir." She hesitated for a few seconds to give the
situation some thought. Molly would have had access to
Mulder and his medications. She also had access here at the
hospital. "Sir I will need to call you back when I have more
to go on but I have a feeling that the kidnapper is my

" I'm on my way Agent Scully. I'll get a search warrant to
search her apartment and have officers meet you there. I
will meet you at the hospital." He hung up the phone and
started readying himself to find Agent Mulder.

She ended the call and dialed the emergency room number and
asked to speak to the charge nurse.

" Maggie Leonard speaking. How may I help you?" the voice
was polite.

" My name is Agent Dana Scully, I'm a Special Agent for the
FBI. I was wondering if a nurse by the name of Molly was
working this afternoon?"

" Yes, Molly Peterson was working here earlier but she must
of left early. We all thought she was just going to supper
but she never returned." She answered. " Has something
happened to Molly?"

" No but I need some information on her, can I get a copy of
her application and any other information she may have
given. It is of the highest priority."

" She never spoke much except that she was getting married
soon to a federal agent. I believe his name was Molder or

" Was it Mulder?" Scully asked, her anger rising to peak.

" Yes. That was it, Mulder." The charge nurse was certain of
the name.

" Please get the information and bring it to me in the ICU.
I'll be waiting." Scully hung up the phone and sealed off
the cubicle Mulder had been a patient in and hoped that
Molly had not left the building with Mulder.


She had driven now for over an hour. Mulder was still
sleeping in the back. He looked comfortable but she knew
that he had been very nauseated from the Digoxin. He was
weak and would not fight her. He just needed a little while
to adjust to not having his partner around. He would love
her in no time.

He felt like he was moving. The movement was causing the
nausea to return. Maybe they were taking him back to
Scully's. He definitely wanted to go back home. He tried to
turn but he felt the restraints of the gurney around his
body so he just relaxed and kept his eyes closed. He would
be home at Scully's soon.

She had sensed his movements and decided that he would need
the Valium. She pulled the van over to the side of the road
and pulled up a small dose of the Valium and injected it
into his heplock. She was so excited. He would love their
new home. He would want to stay forever. She saw her exit
off the interstate ahead and took the turn. They would be
there soon. She got back into the driver's seat and
proceeded back towards their new home.


They had found multiple pictures of Mulder in Molly's
apartment and they had also found Scully's cell phone busted
on the bathroom floor. They realized very quickly that she
had been following or stalking Mulder for at least several
months. The apartment had been trashed and the evidence had
shown that a lot of anger had been taken out on both hers
and Scully's apartment. They were really concerned. She had
read profiles on this type personality. She was delusional
and Obsessive Compulsive. She would be capable of severe
mood changes and would be quick to act on her anger. Another
real concern was how she was fixated on seeing Mulder
suffer. Most of the pictures they had found were taken while
he was in pain or distress. She would be difficult to
understand and her partner was ill and that would make it
almost impossible for Mulder to profile her in his state.

Skinner walked through the ICU room again looking for any
clue but it was clean. No clue to where she might have taken
Mulder. They had deduced that she had taken him out of the
morgue dock. The door was still ajar and Mulder's IV bag and
monitor pads were found on the gurney that was sitting out
on the deck. They had not found too much on a background
check. No previous criminal history was found but they were
also checking for a psyche history. Surely with her mental
disturbance she had some type of treatment somewhere. But
the leads were dying fast.

" Where do you think she took him Agent Scully?" Skinner
asked as he stepped over the crime tape and walked over to
the ICU nursing station.

Scully stood in thought," Maybe she took him to her previous
home but she would probably want him somewhere nobody would
find him. We are checking the surrounding areas for any
property sold to a Molly Peterson." She paced for a minute.
"She probably did not use her real name to purchase the
property but they would have to run a credit check so
whoever name she used would have to legit." She quit pacing
for a few minutes and looked up at Skinner, "She thinks he
loves her, her apartment had cash receipts for a wedding
dress and tuxedo. She even bought them wedding rings paying
cash. She had this all planned out and she will hurt him if
he does not cooperate." She paused for a second to gather
control of her emotions," She could really harm him or even
kill him he does not react to her advances. I'm really
scared for Mulder."

Skinner nodded, "Me too Scully. Me too."

Unknown Location

She pulled into the driveway and turned off the van. She
then went inside of the two story house and turned on the
heat. It would take a little while for the house to heat up.
She would give him some Valium when she moved him into their
bedroom so he would sleep through the night. He would love
the view of the lake and he would enjoy the wildlife that
wondered around the property. She was so excited for
herself. He would love their new life together. She would be
the perfect wife. He mother dying had been the best thing
that ever could have happened. The insurance policy afforded
her a good life without worrying about having to earn money.
She knew her mother would leave her all the assets. It was
too bad that she had overdosed on her Digoxin. She really
hated attending funerals, they were so boring.

She brought in the groceries and placed them into the
cabinets and she started a fire in the fireplace in the
living room and in the bedroom. She would need the minister
to come over tomorrow and marry them. She would make the
arrangements early in the morning.

She would take care of all the wedding plans and the
honeymoon would be so exciting. She walked back out into the
driveway and pushed the old gurney she had stolen from the
funeral home out ofthe garage. She pushed it up into the van
and pulled Mulder's limp body onto the old rickety bed. She
had done them a favor by stealing the piece of junk. He did
not awaken and soon she was pushing him into the house.

After she had him situated in the bed she injected him with a
large dose of Valium. Now she would rest in her bedroom till
morning. She turned off his light and closed his door. She would
see him in the morning. "Good night Fox. I love you."



" So what you are saying Dr. Scully is that a nurse kidnapped
Agent Mulder from his bed in ICU." Dr. Anderson shook his head. "
This is not good."

" Evidently she has been stalking Mulder for some time and even
poisoned him with the Digoxin. I think the incident at the store
with the shooting was just a coincidence but she decided to
capitalize on it due to his injuries. He is really at her mercy."

Dr. Anderson walked over to the desk," We need to find him Dr.
Scully. Your partner is very ill."

She nodded her head in agreement and walked back to the
conference room. Dr. Anderson was dictating on Mulder's lab work.

Scully shook her head," I should have sensed something, Hell I'm
a trained FBI agent. She really had my partner and I fooled." She
thought to herself. She walked over to the stack of information
and pictures sitting on the table. " Where did she take him?" she
asked herself out loud.


He awakened slowly. He usually felt this bad with a really severe
hang over but his head hurt too much for a hangover, maybe
meningitis? He rolled over and met the sun shining through the
window. He did not recognize the room. Where was Scully and where
was he?

He pushed himself up in the bed and looked around. He felt a
little panicked. Maybe Scully had taken him to her Mother's house
but it did not look familiar.

The door opened and he saw a glimpse of red hair and for a second
he thought it was Scully. Molly walked into the room with a tray
of clear liquids. " Good morning Fox. Are you excited about

Quickly the profiler mind of his read a problem and he felt that
he needed to play along for a few minutes. " Yes. Are you?" he
answered, hoping to get a clue as to what the circumstances were
and the location of his partner.

" I can't wait until this afternoon. The minister will be here
around four and your tuxedo is all pressed. " She put the tray
down and sat down beside his right leg. She reached down into her
pocket and produced the handsaw, " I will take your cast off
before I bathe you so you will be ready for tonight." She winked
and stood. " I want a lot of children Fox. I hope they have your
eyes and that pouty little lip."

He stayed quiet for a few minutes, what had he missed in his
stupor. He was in deep trouble and he had to try to get out of it
quickly." Molly is my leg healed enough to take off the cast?" he
was watching her reaction to the question.

Her smiling face quickly turned dark and she placed the saw back
into her pocket." Do you not trust your wife to be FOX!" she
shouted, the spittle flying from her lips into his face. " I am a
nurse and I would never do anything to harm you!" Her face was
red with anger and her fists were clinched. She paced back and
forth for a few minutes then paused and looked at Mulder with a
smile," I will make sure it is healed before I take it off. You
almost sound as if you are a little nervous about getting
married. That's okay honey so am I but we will be fine. I'm a
virgin too and it's only normal to have a little nervousness. We
will be fine." She walked out of the room with the handsaw in her

He was no longer a little nervous but in a full blown panic. How
was he going to get out of this fix? He was feeling very
vulnerable and he was still extremely sleepy and weak from the
vomiting and diarrhea. How could he fight her off without any
strength? He pushed his head into his pillow and tried to think
but the pull of sleep was strong. He reached over and pulled out
the heplock, at least she could not drug him so easily. He would
need to think of a plan. He put pressure to the bleeding area and
closed his tired eyes. She was crazy and she was very dangerous.
The pull of the drug took him back into the darkness.

Federal Bureau of Investigation


They had gotten a lead. A Molly Peterson had been a patient at a
psychiatric hospital in West Virginia. She had been diagnosed
with Schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive disorder. She was
considered stable on medication. She was discharged on several
meds including Effexor and Tofranil. She was also taking
Lorazepam as needed for panic attacks. Evidently she had stopped
taking her medication. Scully read through her chart. Her mother
had recently died of complications of Digoxin toxicity. Her
mother had left her a considerable amount of money. She would be
able to pay cash for a house without ever having to get a credit
check. The FBI was getting banking information and a possible
list of property sold within the last year and any cash
transactions. She looked up from the conference table in
Skinner's office to see Skinner walk through the door.

" Anything yet?" she asked hopeful that he had brought some good

" They are still running checks but so far nothing." He paused
and looked down at the information they had obtained," How about
you, anything?" he asked as he pulled out a seat and sat down to
face his worried agent.

" She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive
Disorders. She was placed on Effexor and Tofranil and was doing
very well on the medicines but evidently she stopped therapy
almost six months ago and was threatened with
institutionalization if she did not get back on her medications
but that did not occur. She slipped through the cracks. Her
nursing license was real but the psychiatric facility did not get
informed that she held a license to practice. She got the job in
the emergency room three months ago right after her mother died
of Digoxin toxicity. Her mother took Digoxin for atrial
fibrillation and had been on the same dose for almost three
years. She had moved into the apartment next door to me but she
had also filled out an application for Mulder's apartment complex
but nothing became available. She is considered very dangerous
without her meds and according to her history she had attempted
to kill her boyfriend after he cheated on her or at least she
thought he had cheated on her. She is considered unstable
mentally without her meds according to her therapist." She looked
up at a very surprised Walter Skinner.

He shook his head," Mulder is in trouble. Do you think he can get
himself out of this situation in his condition?"

" Sir, Dr. Anderson called me and told me that Mulder's blood
cultures came back this morning and showed that he is growing
staph in his blood stream. He will need antibiotics soon. He is
going to get very sick soon and he could possibly die if not
treated with the appropriate antibiotic and Digibind for the
Digoxin toxicity. He will get sicker. Time is of the essence."

Skinner nodded and stood," Well, I need to put some more agents
on this task. Follow up with me in an hour. I will see if we
can't get things moving faster." He turned and walked towards the
door but stopped without turning," We will find him Agent

" I know." She paused for a moment to gather her emotions, "Thank
you sir." Her voice was low and filled with concern.


Molly entered the bedroom and found her lover asleep. She then
spotted the blood on the bedspread and she walked over to
investigate. He had taken out his heplock," Fox, that is not
good. She pulled out the restraints from the dresser drawer. She
had stocked them just in case he had acted bad. She quietly and
efficiently placed the restraints on his wrists and ankles. He
would be mad at her when he awakened but he would understand that
it was for his own good. She would explain that he needed to be
good. She did not tolerate bad behavior, not even from Fox.

She brought back the IV paraphernalia and prepared to restart the
heplock. She was about to place the needle into his arm when he
awakened. His eyes fluttered and he tried to jerk away from the
needle and felt the soft restraints. Fear struck him deep within
and he knew that he could not show her that he was scared. He
felt that it might make her angry if she felt that he feared her.
She felt that they were lovers so he needed to be careful.

" Hey sweetheart. I need to put your needle back in. You still
are not well and I need to take care of you. You are such a good
patient. You will be such a great lover." She stuck the large
bore needle into his sensitive skin and pushed the catheter into
place. She withdrew the needle and capped off the catheter." That
didn't hurt too much. Did it?"

He shook his head but in actuality he had felt that she had
pushed a tree trunk into his arm. He wanted this nightmare to
just go away. He felt that his fever was elevating and his
strength was being zapped. She would win if he continued to feel
so bad. " Can I have something to drink?" he asked hoping that
she would just go away for a little while so he could try to
think. It was too difficult to think while she was in the room.

She nodded and placed the tray of IV supplies on the dresser. She
reached over and pulled a preloaded syringe off of the table and
placed it into the port and started to push in the contents

Mulder thought about pulling away but he felt he needed to stay
calm. " What's that?" he tried not to sound nervous but failed

She looked and smiled," This is something to help you tonight.
You are too sleepy to enjoy our honeymoon so I am giving you a
small dose of something that will help with your energy level."

He could not possibly control the anger inside him. She was
giving him a stimulant." WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PUTTING INTO ME?"
His voice was no longer controlled and he felt panic. He tried to
pull away but the restraint held his arm still.

He facial expression showed nothing but shock," Fox. You are not
to talk to me that way." She pulled out the empty syringe and
walked out to the room.

His heartrate had started to speed and he was getting sweaty and
agitated. What had she given him to cause such a reaction? He
tried to stay calm but the feeling of panic and fear were hard to
control. He was surprised when she reappeared at the door with a
thick leather belt.

"Fox. I hate to teach you such hard lessons on our wedding day
and I really hate to cause you enough pain that you might not be
able to perform your husbandly duties but I will not tolerate you
being hateful to me. I am going to be you wife and that will a
wonderful thing but I must teach you now that I will not tolerate
bad behavior from my husband."

His eyes widened in fear and he watched her as she walked across
the room. She pushed back the sheet and pulled up his gown. He
was very exposed and he feared what she would do next. His heart
was still racing from whatever she had put in the IV.

" Turn to your side Fox. Remember it will not hurt as much if you
obey. Rules are rules and rule number one is never talk back to
me or raise your tone of voice to me." Her voice was flat and she
was not going to get over her bad mood soon.

He had to think fast or he was going to be in a whole lot of
hurt," I'm sorry. I didn't know the rules. I'll be good, I

" Sorry Fox. All men know the rules but you just don't want to
remember them. But I will teach them to you and then you will not
forget. Now roll over or I will do it myself."

The drug she had pushed into his IV was peaking and he felt that
he would have a heart attack. He knew that she had a potential to
become very violent and he needed to buy some time so he obeyed
and closed his eyes. The belt hit so hard that tears filled his
eyes. The second hit was so painful that he knew that she had
brought blood on his bare bottom. The third hit was the worse and
the raw skin was getting very painful but he kept his mouth
closed. When she got to ten hard hits with the leather belt she
stopped. He was afraid to look back. He could feel the wet of the
sticky blood on his skin. The drug had a hold on him too. He felt
that he was going to fly out of the bed. He felt as if his skin
was on fire. He felt dizzy and excited all at the same time.

She approached the bed with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. " Say
your sorry Fox." She whispered into his ear.

He was hurting and he was angry that he was in such a situation
but the drug was doing something to his hold on reality," I'm
sorry Molly. I am so sorry."

" I need to take care of your boo boos so grit your teeth and
remember this lesson. You do not talk back to Molly." She placed
the rubbing alcohol on the raw skin. His screams filled the room
and then there was silence.

She cleaned him up and then covered the deep wounds with gauze.
She hated to do this on their wedding day but he needed to learn
his lessons before they said their vows. He had not gotten to
enjoy the effects of the caffeine in his IV. He will adjust or
she could try something stronger. He would be awake tonight for
their wedding and honeymoon whatever she had to do and she had a
few ideas.


He opened his eyes and felt the pain of his wounds radiate up
through his body. She must of soaked the gauze in alcohol because
he was hurting so bad and his fever was definitely up. He looked
around for Satan but she was nowhere to be seen. He then relaxed
on his side, a pillow had been placed to his back and she had
started IV fluids. He noticed that she had hung a small bag of
something without a label to infuse with the IV. She was going to
kill him for sure. He heard a soft noise in the background and
turned. She had entered the room dressed in a robe. Fear hit
hard. Surely she would not want anything of him now. She had
beaten the crap out of him and he doubted seriously that he was
up literally for anything right now.

" Hey honey. How is my sweetheart doing?" her voice was sweet and
gentle. She bent down and kissed his forehead.

He did not answer. He was afraid that the mood-swinging bitch
would go for the other cheek. He just lay in silence with his
eyes closed.

" I brought the minister over. He wants us to start getting ready
to say our vows. You do know your vows don't you?" she asked as
she inspected her bandages on his bottom.

He opened his eyes half way and looked at her and smiled a
sardonic smile," Til death do us part?" And that will probably
mean I will be dying soon, he thought to himself.

" Don't forget the love and honor and obey. I love you so much."
She waltzed around the room. I even have something special
planned for tonight. I am ovulating and I want our child to
conceived tonight. I am so excited Fox. We are going to make a
baby." She reached over and touched the restraints. " Maybe these
can come off later. I don't want my husband to feel retrained
tonight." She then danced into the hallway and was telling the
minister that he had quiet a bit of things to do to prepare and
to make his self at home.

Mulder listened for a response but none was forthcoming. He was
feeling very hopeless. He needed Scully to find him and save him
from this mad woman. He rolled over and that sent a wave of pure
agony through him. She would have to kill him. He would not be
able to do anything except cry tonight. He watched her as she
approached the room with the handsaw. He tried to pull himself up
in bed but it was useless. He was in trouble with her again. He
would need to try to reason with her but he was not sure that he
could accomplish anything in her state of mind.

She turned on the saw and pushed away the blanket. The saw was
placed at the top of the cast and eased downward. The cast was
coming off easily. She was about to finish when she nicked his
skin and he jerked. She looked at him and gave him a disapproving
look, "Stay still." Her voice was hard and not the sweet talking
woman of only a few minutes ago. She finished and applied a
bandage to the cut and discarded the cast. The leg was bruised
and the incision was barely healed.

" I can't walk on the leg." He had to let her know that he was
not going to stand and rebreak the leg. He would definitely bleed
to death if he did try that little stunt.

" Oh Fox. I don't expect you to walk on that leg. You are so
serious today." She reached up and turned on the small med bag. "
Okay I will need you to drink something for me. She walked out
the of the room and returned with a warm cup of tea. Drink this
Fox and I will get your bath."

He took the cup and held onto to it tight. Staring down into the
brown liquid he could see little white specks of a pill. "Molly.
I need to ask you something." He needed to see what her
intentions were as far if she had any ability to distinguish

" First drink your tea and then we will talk." She smiled down at
him and loosened his left hand from the restraint. She busied
getting the pan full of warm water and gathering towels and
placing the clothing on the bedside table. She was watching him
and helping him take sips of the liquid.

He wondered what she was drugging him with now. Hopefully it was
something for pain. His head was hurting and he was getting that
feeling of irritability from whatever was infusing into his
veins. She walked out of the room and she returned this time with
a gun. It appeared to be standard FBI issue. It was his gun, it
had disappeared during the robbery, according to Scully. She
placed it on top of the dresser drawers, well out of his reach. "
Still drinking Fox?"

 He nodded and took another sip of the foul liquid. He watched
her as she took the time to bathe him and assist him to get his
clothes on but noted quickly that she was only dressing his upper
torso. She then placed the sheet over his lower body and she
insisted that he finish his drink. He swallowed the remaining
liquid and handed her the cup. She was careful not to allow him
to touch her too much.

The medicine was almost completely infused and his hand was
shaking so bad as she tried to restrain it back to the bed."
Molly I feel bad." He moaned.

" You are just feeling a little nervous Fox. I will give you
something later to help you sleep. I need you awake and alert for
a little bit longer." She patted his cheek and collected  the gun
and exited the room. He laid back into the bed with a  dress
shirt and bow tie. Within minutes he realized what drug he had
been given and the mixture of the stimulant and the drug in the
tea were reacting fast. He was definitely in trouble. She would
get her way with him the drugged way. He would not be able to
fight the effects of the drugs.

Within minutes she was dressed in a white wedding gown and her
hair was pulled up in a twist with baby's breath running through
the back. She had make up placed perfectly to accentuate her red
dyed hair. She looked down at her lover and smiled. "I'll get the
minister and I"ll be back in a minute.

He could not think very well. She had messed him up but good. He
heard her coming and looked up to see a very dead man dressed in
clergyman's clothing sitting in a wheelchair. A gunshot wound to
the forehead and his eyes still were wide open. Molly had killed
the minister. This woman is very ill, he thought but he was
riding so high from the drugs that he could not react very well.

She picked up her bouquet of flowers from off the dead minister's
lap and went and stood beside of her Fox after positioning the
dead man in front of the bed.

His heart was racing and the fever that had been low grade was
now making an appearance. He was having chills now on top of
everything else. His vision was getting blurry and his head was
drumming a beat of its own. She was saying something and then she
looked over at him and expected him to say something so he tried
but all he could get out was "Molly".

She smiled and looked at the dead man hearing things that only
her ears could hear. She then reached over and spoke softly, "You
can kiss the bride now." She kissed him hard on the lips. She
then rolled the dead man out of the room. He was too weak and the
drugs were making him feel that he was having a heart attack. He
was going to die anyhow, might as well be now. He closed his eyes
until he heard a small patter of feet coming through the room.

She smiled a huge smile. She was wearing a white satin gown with
a low neck line and Mulder knew that he would not be able to
resist her even if he tried. She was the winner. She walked over
and placed her hand on his lower body, "Are you ready Fox. We
need to make our baby."

He tried to blink away the feeling of passing out. His life
depended on it so he forced his eyes and mouth to work, " Molly
you are sick. I am not your husband. That man was dead. You
killed him Molly. This isn't real."

She seemed to ignore his comments, she continued to touch him and
kiss his face. She was very intent on her promises of a honeymoon
night. She quickly shed the satin gown and crawled up on the bed
and lay her head on his chest." Tell me you love me Fox." she
reached over and traced his face with her fingers.

" Molly this is not real. I am a federal officer. What you are
doing is wrong. They will send you to jail for a very long time.
Kidnapping is a federal offense." He was very sweaty and his
chest felt like it would explode. He was not going to allow this
woman to do what she had planned. He needed Scully. Where was

She gently crawled up onto his waist and gently touched his
chest." It's time to make out baby Fox. She reached over and
tightened his restraints due to his struggles against her body.
She was ready for their honeymoon and he was so ready .She had
done so well. Se reached up and removed his tie and unbuttoned
his shirt." Make love to me Fox." she whispered into his
ear."NOW!" Her voice became demanding and her expression was
turning to anger. " Now Fox!"

He was getting so nauseated and he just wanted to just pass out.
She was asking him to perform something he knew that he could not
do no matter what the consequences. He just closed his eyes and
shook his head. His faced was slammed with something hard and
blackness washed over him.

" Damn you Fox! You are ruining everything. Why are you making me
mad?" She had slammed his face with the gun she had brought to
bed with her just in case he had refused to make their marriage
consummate. She jumped off the bed and gathered her clothing. He
would pay for this. She would still get her baby tonight but she
would need to have a new plan. She grabbed her gun and left the


Scully had a lead and her and Skinner were heading towards the
address given as the new residence of a Molly Mulder. They would
be met by the other agents at Molly's residence. Orders had been
given to stay away unless they felt Agent Mulder was in danger.

Unknown Location

She had changed his IV meds again and again she was going to give
him another stimulant. She would have to give him the hard stuff
until he was adjusted. She drew up a dose of cocaine and pushed
it into the IV heplock. He would be willing to do anything she
needed or wanted. She would use the cocaine from the ER that she
had stolen.

He awakened abruptly. He was feeling rather good for someone who
had been hit with a metal gun. He could not think very well. He
was feeling as if he was floating but he felt good. He looked
around, his vision was blurring and his heart was racing. Someone
with red hair was rubbing his now swollen lip. He smiled up at
the red headed woman. " Hi." He felt giddy and he wanted to get
up and move around. He was feeling really good.

" Hey Fox. How are you feeling?" she asked seeing how his eyes
were very dilated and he was smiling.

" Can you drink some tea?" she asked as she handed him a cup of
warm herbal tea that was laced with the Viagra. He would not be
able to resist her and they would conceive their child.

He nodded wildly. She was giving him something to drink. This
will feel good to my dry throat he thought. But he should not
drink the tea. Hell, drink the tea, he thought to himself. He
gulped down the tea and handed her the cup. She had taken the
restraints off. She unplugged the IV and crawled up into the bed,
" Want to have some fun Fox?" She asked as she climbed up into
the bed noticing the drugs were having a wonderful effect on his
muscular body. He nodded letting the effects of the drugs take
over. He was unable to think and it felt good not to have to
think. She crawled up on his waist again and reached down and
stroked his respose to the drugs. " Make love to me Fox. Now!" he
reached up and pulled her down into a hot warm kiss and he could
no longer think. He needed to fulfill a need and it was feeling
so good. She felt good and he knew that he needed to stop but he
could not remember why. She soon was upon him and they were
furiously moving and she was whispering something about having a
baby and that he needed to let go and he did and he felt so good.
He felt that he could not stop. What had she given him but he
felt so good. She smiled down at him and patted his head. "Steady
Fox. Let's slow down for a minute. You need some more medicine.
She reached over and drew up some more of the drug and he held
out his arm. She would give him more medicine and he would feel
good again and again.

She did not use the heplock. She injected the drug straight into
his vein and watched him as he wildly took her into his arms
again and he could barely keep the cup she was handing him again
in his hands. " Drink Fox" we have all night.

Again he was moving furiously and she took advantage of the drug.
He was oblivious to anything else except her and she knew that he
need to slow down or he would have a heart attack. She knew she
already pregnant. They had made love so many times. She got out
of the bed and grabbed the Valium. He was still too wild and he
was not able to slow down his movements. She was exhausted from
the many times she had made love to her husband. He was a great
lover. He was grabbing at her wrist and trying to pull her back
into the bed but she was sore and she needed to rest. They could
sleep together and start their lovemaking again in the morning.
She was new at this and was not use to such a large man. She
injected the medicine and dressed her husband in a shirt and
underwear as he slept. She went to the bathroom and opened the
cabinet and pulled out the pregnancy test. She would check in the
morning but she knew that she was carrying her husband's baby.

She heard a knock at the door and she pulled her gown around her
and placed the gun into her pocket. She would not let anyone take
her Fox.


He awakened slowly and saw Scully sitting beside his bed. Where
was he now he thought to himself? He could not talk, his throat
was sore and raw. Had he been intubated again?

Scully quickly offered Mulder ice chips. He was still groggy.
Dr.Anderson and replaced the cast early in the morning. He had
winced at the site of Mulder's bruised and battered body. The
staff was only given certain information as was the doctor's. She
would tell Mulder only what she thought he remembered. He was not
in control after the multiple drugs she had given him and she
felt that certain facts could be avoided.

His eyes grew large and dilated, " Where is she?" he asked, his
voice trembled. He was still afraid that this might be a dream.
The doctors had warned that he might find it difficult for
sometime with nightmares and understanding what was real and what
was not. He had been traumatized.

" It's okay Mulder." She comforted with her hand stroking his
face gently. You are doing fine."

His eyes darted wildly and he tried to find his enemy. " Where is
she Scully?" he tried to raise himself up in bed but she gently
guided him back down under the sheet.

" She is gone Mulder. She wouldn't allow you to be taken. She
pulled a gun." Her voice stayed low and soft. She knew the
effects of the medicines Molly had infused into his body were
still present in small amounts and that he had had arrhythmia's
and respiratory arrest but she would tell him about it later. "
You are safe Mulder. Go back to sleep. I will watch over you."
She reached down and kissed his cheek gently.

He nodded and closed his eyes. He would sleep and let Scully
watch over him. Molly could not hurt him again.

The end

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