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Mulder, it's time






She had started labor pains an hour ago and now they were
coming every five to seven minutes. She was having trouble talking
and walking through contractions and they were lasting a good
minute. She had hesitated awakening Mulder. He was taking a nap on
the bed and she knew that he hadn't felt good prior to lying down.
Soon though she would have to get him up to go to the hospital.

She decided to call Skinner. They had made him a promise that he
would drive them to the hospital. Mulder was still not allowed to
drive. His return had occurred less than a month ago but he had
surgery less than a week ago to remove the tracking devices. They
had not removed the one in his neck due to the disappearance of
the cancer he had been diagnosed with prior to his abduction.

She decided to call her obstetrician and let him know about her
labor. She walked into the bedroom where Mulder was lying across
the bed snoring softly. She picked up the number from the bedside
table and quietly exited the room. She dialed the number and sat
down on the couch and panted through another heavy contraction,
taking note of the time and length. The contractions were getting
closer, less than five minutes since the last and this one lasted
a full minute and fifteen seconds.

The doctor instructed her to come to the labor and delivery
department at Georgetown University Memorial Hospital. He would
meet her there in forty- five minutes. She hung up the phone and
carefully stood. Okay Mulder it's time to be a daddy, she thought
to herself as she waddled back towards the bedroom.

She entered the darkened bedroom and walked over to Mulder's quiet
form. She reached down to shake his shoulder and noticed that he
was warm, even through his shirt." Mulder, it's time. Mulder, wake
up it's time to go to the hospital."she whispered into his ear.

His eyes slid open slowly, he could hear Scully telling him
something. He hoped it wasn't important because his head was
hurting and he felt nauseated. He had not felt well before lying
down and if he could guess he probably had at least a one hundred
and one fever. He pushed himself up a little and felt a hand on
his shoulder." Scully, that you?"  He asked, his voice gravelly
and low.

She stroked his face and gently brushed away a wild strand of
hair." Hey sleepy head. It's time to go to the hospital."

" I'm not sick Scully. I hate hospitals." He laid his head back
down on the pillow and closed his eyes. He was not in a mood to be
drug to the hospital for a fever and how did she know that he
wasn't feeling good anyway. What was he thinking, Scully knew

She thought about that comment for a few seconds and finally felt
that Mulder was getting tired of being taken to the hospital for
physical and occupational therapy and for the post surgical trips
and bandage changes. His stubborn attitude had been showing a lot
lately." Mulder, it's time for the baby." She had barely got the
words out of her mouth when she had another contraction. She froze
as the pain washed over her and she was unable to speak.

Mulder's brain synapses finally started clicking and his head shot
up off the pillow. He went from totally exhausted to wide-awake. "
It's time for the baby?" he asked as he slid off the bed and was
around the other side rubbing her shoulders and trying to help her
through the pain. " It's okay Scully. Just concentrate on
breathing. It will be over in few seconds." he encouraged.

She nodded in agreement and then puffed through the end of the
contraction. When she was able to talk she looked up at him and
patted his hand that lay on her shoulder. " Hey, ready to go have
fun?" her voice was full of excitement.

He was suddenly feeling very nervous. He had been given less than
a month to prepare to become a father and now was the moment and
he could not let down Scully. She needed him to be strong and he
felt that he would be fine until after the delivery then he would
call his doctor about the fever. He had been warned not to hide
any symptoms from either his physician or Scully and he knew that
he would need to break that promise today. " Have you called
Skinner?" he asked nervously as he started looking for his other

"He is on his way over. He should be here any minute." She pointed
towards the corner of the room at the other shoe," There it is
Mulder." She watched him crawl over and retrieve the shoe. He sat
in the floor and placed his shoes on his feet and tied them. This
simple task had been impossible just a couple of weeks ago and she
sat and stared in amazement. " You are doing so much better

 He nodded and stood. " Do you think that you can walk into the
living room? He asked while he was reaching for the suitcase she
had packed for him and herself.

" Put that down right now Mulder!" she scolded." Dr Byers told you
no lifting or strenuous activity until she sees you in the office
next week. Walt will get the suitcase, you just take care of me
and the baby."

He placed the suitcase back on the floor and sat down on the bed
beside her and gently kissed her on the cheek." I guess I'm just a
little nervous Scully. I've never had a baby before Scully."

" Neither have I Mulder, neither have I." Together they walked
back into the living room and sat down on the couch and waited for
Skinner to arrive. Within minutes he was knocking at the door.
Mulder left to answer as Scully
started another contraction.

" Ready to go guys? " Skinner asked as he entered the door. He was
dressed in a casual shirt and blue jeans. He was definitely ready
for a wait at the hospital. Mulder had already made it back to
Scully's side. They both nodded in unison and waited as the
contraction ended.

Scully instructed Skinner where the suitcase was and that she
needed to go to the bathroom first. Mulder disappeared into the
bedroom. " I will be waiting out front guys, I need to keep the
heater running, it's eighteen degrees outside." He called out to
the two of them. He took the suitcase and left to go to the car.

Scully walked out of the bathroom and looked around for Mulder.
"Mulder." She called softly. Where had he gone? She asked herself
as another contraction hit. This had to be the worst and she
leaned against the couch bracing her hand against the back of the
sofa. After if passed she walked towards the bedroom," Mulder, are
you ready to go?" she called into the empty room. She started to
go back into the living room when she heard retching coming from
the bathroom." Mulder are you okay?" her hand pressed against the

" I'm fine Scully. I'll be out in a minute." He called back from
behind the door. He continued to retch for a few more minutes then
she heard the water running in the sink and the toilet flush. A
few more seconds later he was opening the door.

He looked like hell and she wanted to put him right back to bed
but knew that he would not obey that order. " You okay Mulder?"
she placed a supporting hand to his back as he made his way out of
the door.

" I'm fine Scully. I just ate something that didn't agree with my
stomach." He shrugged his shoulders and reached for Scully's coat
that he had laid out on the bed and assisted her into the wool
jacket. " You are not to worry about me Scully. You and the baby
are all that matters in my world tonight." He smiled and picked up
his own jacket and slid his bandaged arms into them, grimacing
some as his sore arms hit the material but careful not to allow
Scully to see his pain. She was eyeing his every movement,
watching him for symptoms of something wrong.

" Okay Mulder but as soon as our child is born you are to lie down
and take it easy."  She ordered as they walked back into the
living room and out the door.

He nodded and gave her a small grin, " Scully, I'm fine. Let's
just get you to the hospital before I have to birth this baby in
the car. I don't think Skinner would be to happy with you ruining
his seat covers Scully." they laughed as they entered the elevator
and rode down to meet Skinner at the car.


They arrived and Skinner went to park the car. Mulder and Scully
went to admissions and handed the paper work to the admissions
clerk. They quickly brought a wheelchair around and Scully scooted
onto the seat. The nurse looked around to a very pale Mulder, "Sir
would you like chair too. You look as pale as water.He shook his
head and motioned the nurse forward. The nurse shook her head,
another fainter she thought to herself. She wheeled Scully up to
the labor and delivery unit. " Sir weneed for you to wait in the
waiting area for a few minutes and I will come to help you find
your scrubs.

He nodded and reached down and kissed Scully on the lips, "Love
you Scully. " then he reached down and patted her belly. "Love
you too  baby." He smiled and squeezed her hand.

Scully looked and met his eyes and whispered softly," We love you
too Mulder." She was helped out of the chair as Mulder exited the

The nurse assisted Scully with changing into a gown and then she
hooked her up to the fetal monitor. After she obtained her vital
signs and did a vaginal exam she started an intravenous line and
went to call the obstetrician. After a few minutes she reentered
the room. " Dr Gibbs is on her way. She told me to tell you that
you are doing great. You are 100% effaced and have dilated to
three centimeters. Hopefully we will have a baby soon. "

Scully nodded as she puffed through another contraction. She had
opted for natural childbirth but she was wondering if that was a
wise decision now. The pain was getting worse and the pains were
lasting longer. When she was doing clinical she had helped many
mother deal with childbirth during her OB rotation but going
through the pain was worse that helping any day. When the
contraction had finished she turned to the nurse and asked "
Where's Mulder?"

The nurse smiled," I was getting ready to bring him back. He
looks like the nervous kind. I wanted to get all the hard stuff
out of the way first."

" He has been ill recently. He has had a rough few months." Her
voice sad and distant.

" Well let me go get MR Mulder so he can join in on the party.
The doctor should be here soon so just lie back and breathe. By
the way I don't think I introduced myself, my name is Pat. I will
be your nurse until eleven."

" Pat call him Mulder, just Mulder. He does not like mister and
he certainly does not like being called Fox." Scully instructed
as another contraction hit hard. I will never make it through
seven more centimeters, she thought to herself as Pat nodded then
exited the room to get Mulder.

Pat grabbed a pair of scrubs off the cart and headed for the
waiting area. When she entered she did not see a pacing father to
be but sleeping man lying on the plastic sofa. He had pulled up a
trashcan beside him and upon further investigation she noted the
emesis inside. The man was diaphoretic and when she reached down
to touch him he was warm with fever. Mulder, Mulder." She called
to the unconscious man. When he did not respond Pat stood and
went back to the nurse's desk and called emergency services.


Skinner walked down the hallway looking for someone to point the
way to the waiting area when he was passed by a group of people
pushing a gurney. He continued down the hallway when he came upon
the waiting room area but it was filled with the people who had
just passed him in the hallway. He saw a nurse standing at the
doorway, " Excuse me could you tell me where a Fox Mulder or Dana
Scully is located?"

The young nurse pointed into the waiting area. Skinner entered
and realized that Mulder was the source of excitement. " Mulder!"
his voice was loud enough to get the attention of the emergency
room physician.

The physician stood and turned towards Skinner," Sir do you know
this man?"

" Yes, I'm his boss." He proceeded towards Mulder's side." What's
wrong with him?" he asked, upset that his agent was in distress
again. He had only been returned less than a month ago and he had
just had surgery the week prior to remove the tracking devices.
He had been sleeping a lot according to Scully but he had been
doing better.

" He is running a high fever and by the looks he pretty
dehydrated." He paused and turned around and watched as the
nurses were starting intravenous lines and checking his blood
sugar. " The main concern is his inability to respond verbally."

" His physician is Sarah Byers. He has been under her care for
the past month. His history is very complicated. You need to page
her even if she is not on call." Skinner instructed the ER

The doctor acknowledged the information and then they were headed
to the emergency room with Skinner following close behind them.
He had called Maggie Scully prior to coming upstairs. He knew
that Scully would be in good hands.


When Pat walked back into the room without Mulder she knew that
there had been a problem." Where is Mulder?" she asked as she
finished the hard contraction.

Pat walked over to her bed and took her hand in hers," I have
some bad news Dana. I found Mulder in the waiting room; he was
unconscious and nonresponsive. I sent him to the emergency room.A
Mr Skinner accompanied him to the ER."

Scully threw the sheet back and started taking off the fetal
monitor." I need to go and see about him, he has been very ill."
Her voice was quivering and her hands were shaking.

Pat was attempting to stop the motions of her patient when Dr
Gibbs walked into the room. " Dana, what are you doing?"

Scully continued in an upward motion, ignoring the physician's
question when a hard contraction stopped her in her tracks and
she almost went over double. Dr. Gibbs and pat were at her side
holding onto her arms." Dana, do your breathing. There you go
just concentrate on breathing."

After the contraction they helped her back into bed and placed
the fetal monitor back in place." Now what is going on Dana."

" Mulder is in the emergency room. He needs me." Her voice was
cracking and her eyes were streaming tears." He has been through
too much."

Dr Gibbs walked over to her patient," Listen Dana, you won't be
doing Mulder or yourself or that baby any good if you go
downstairs. Tell you what, let me check on you then I will go
down and talk to Sarah." She smiled down on her very distraught

Scully nodded," I appreciate that Lynda. He wasn't feeling well
this afternoon and he slept most of the day. I knew that he felt
warm but I thought it was the room was too warm." A sob escaped
her throat." He has been through so much, I just wanted him to
see his child born. He deserves a little happiness Lynda, just a
little." Her hand was now covering her face and the tears were

" Hey, come on. We both know that he has endured more than a
fever in the past couple of months. He will be fine." She pulled
Dana into a hug," come on, let's check on that little one so I
can go downstairs and check on that big guy of yours."

Scully nodded and lay back into the bed. She just wanted to make
sure he was fine. He didn't need any setbacks.

Emergency department

Skinner stood beside of Mulder's gurney. They had drawn blood and
cathed him for urine. He had xrays and a CAT scan and now they
awaited results of the multiple tests. His arms had been
undressed and the left arm was draining yellow fluid. He still
was out and his fever was still one hundred and four after a
Tylenol suppository. He had cardiac monitor wires and a blood
pressure cuff around his right arm. He had a nasogastric tube and
a Foley catheter. He had two intravenous lines with fluids and
antibiotics infusing. Dr. Beyers had gone to see if she could get
some results.

Dr. Beyers walked back into the cubicle and looked down on her
favorite patient. " MR Skinner, I've looked at the results and
everything looks good so far except his white counts. I need to
do a spinal tap and see if there is any concern for meningitis
due to his recent brain surgeries."

The quiet form on the gurney came to life and shook his head."
No. I will not have you stick my back and lie in a flat position
for the next six hours and miss my child being born." He tried to
raise his head but was met with firm a hand to his chest."

Skinner looked over to Dr Beyers who was trying to calm down a
now very upset Mulder," Listen, you have been unconscious for the
past two hours and your fever is going through the roof. I need
to find the problem or this baby might not have a daddy." Her
voice was matter of fact and stern. She knew that handling Mulder
with kid gloves just did not work and she was going for his

" I need to see Scully." He paused for a second," Please." His
voice was pleading and he had tears streaming down his face.

"Mulder, listen. I know that you deserve to be with Scully but
you are not well. If you have an infection then you could infect
not only Scully but also that newborn baby." She stopped long
enough for him to ponder the words." Listen, if your test come
back clear then maybe Dr Gibbs will let you come in for the
delivery. I will talk with her after your tests. Okay?"

He thought for a minute," Promise?" His voice was low and sad.

" I promise Mulder. And this is one promise I will not break."
She reached over and ruffled his hair." We'll get started in a
minute." She grabbed Mulder's chart and exited the cubicle.

Skinner walked over to Mulder's side," Hey maybe we can give
Scully a call." He pulled out a cell phone then changed his
mind." They will get all over me if I use a cell, let me see if
they have a portable." Skinner walked out of the cubicle to find
a phone.

Dr Beyers and Dr Gibbs were outside of the cubicle talking about
Mulder's condition. Skinner walked," Listen, can Mulder call
Scully? I really think they would both feel better hearing each
other's voice."

Dr Gibbs agreed and went to get a phone for Skinner. He walked
back into the cubicle as the nurse was positioning Mulder for the
spinal tap. He called Scully's room number and was met with a
pleasant voice on the other end of the line.

" Dana Scully's room, Pat speaking." The voice was pleasant and
it was comforting that someone was staying with Scully.

"This is Assistant Director Walter Skinner, I would like to speak
Dana Scully please." Skinner turned as he waited for Dana and
looked as they pulled open Mulder's     gown and set up the tray
beside the gurney. Mulder's face was pale and he looked as he
could vomit at any time.

" Scully." She paused for a few seconds," How's Mulder?" Her
voice was strained as if she was in pain.

" He is getting ready to get a spinal tap. His white count is
elevated and Dr. Beyers wants to be cautious but his CT scan was
fine." Skinner walked over to where Mulder was lying," Would you
like to speak to him?"

" Yes, please." Her voice now full of emotion.

Skinner placed the phone to Mulder's ear," Mulder, it's Scully."

His face lit up and his eyes filled with tears," Scully, are you
and the baby okay?" he asked with all the emotion of a father to

"We are doing fine. I'm in the process of getting an epidural. I
think natural birth is just a little bit too painful." She
actually had opted for the epidural to help her focus on Mulder.
She didn't want to tell him that little fact, he had enough to
deal with at the present and she needed to be able to focus on
his symptoms. The baby would do fine with or without the
epidural." How are you doing Mulder?"

"Fine." He paused for a moment then answered," Well actually Dr
Beyers is going to rule out meningitis with a spinal tap. They
have me in the tuck and touch my butt with my nose position."

A low moan was heard over the phone and a deep breath, "Sorry,
the anesthesiologist just got started, hang on Mulder. "She laid
the phone on the table as another contraction hit and the needle
coincided with the pain of the contraction.  The moan of her pain
was audible even with the phone lying on the table.

" Scully, are you okay?" his voice was nervous. He felt so
helpless lying on the gurney, unable to give Scully his support
or comfort. He longed to hold her and as he closed his eyes he
imagined embracing her into his arms and kissing her face to take
away her pain.

She picked the phone up and breathed a quick sigh," It's over
Mulder. Soon I will have no pain. Ahhh, the wonders of medicine."
The voice on the other end was silent." Mulder. Mulder!" her
voice was little frantic as she awaited an answer but no answer
was forthcoming.

" Dana, he is busy right now" Skinner's voice was low as if he
was trying not to disturb someone sleeping. " Dr Beyers is
starting the spinal tap. He needs to be really still right now."

" Put the phone to his ear Walt, I need to tell him something."
She held on to the emotion that was washing over her so
intensely. A few seconds later she could hear his quickened
breathes," Hey, I'm here with you Mulder. Just breathe. That's
it, nice and slow breaths Mulder, nice and slow. Just concentrate
on that moment when you will see your child for the first time.
Concentrate on that small face as it takes it's first breath and
the first time you hold him or her in you arms." She could hear
his breathing calm and knew that he was listening to her voice
intently. " We haven't even decided on any names yet Mulder. I
like Samantha for a girl and maybe Hunter if it's a little boy."
His breath caught and a low moan followed afterwards, she could
hear a voice in the background giving him reassurance and comfort
and knew that it was Dr Beyers helping him through a difficult
moment." Mulder?"

" Yeah." it was all he could manage through the pain.

" Mulder, I know it hurts." Her voice was sympathetic to his
pain. " Hey, concentrate for a few more seconds. I want you to
know how much I love you Mulder. Our baby loves you too Mulder.I
have told the baby all about you Mulder."

" Even the bad things?" his voice was strained and ragged from
the pain.

" Yes even the bad things Mulder. Especially your propensity to
find trouble even in the simplest of places. And oh yes, the seed
habit. And we can't forget your love of baseball or basketball or
the desire to chase ghosts and vampires." She paused for a few
seconds," And I didn't forget to tell her how much you love
watching movies with groundhogs who steal golf balls and cause

" OOOhhh Scully. Should I be buying our wedding bands?" his voice
a little bit brighter than minutes before.

" Is that an offer Mulder?" she teased, knowing that he was
kidding around, joking around was always his way of dealing with

" Actually it was suppose to be a subliminal thought so when I do
ask you will say 'yes'. He returned with a low gravely, sleepy
tone to his voice.

" I won't need any subliminal ideations Mulder." She paused for a
moment and noted that no response was forthcoming." Mulder.Are
you still with me Mulder."

" He fell asleep Dana. He's exhausted." Walt looked down at the
sleeping form that was still folded into a fetal position," Dr
Beyers wants to speak with you Dana." He handed the phone over
the still gloved physician.

" He's sleeping Dana. His fluid was clear but I'm sending it to
lab. His arm is very infected so I want to take him to surgery
and do an incision and drainage. It won't take very long and he
should be awake for the delivery." Dr Byers cleared the tray and
placed a bandage over the spinal tap sight.

" Will you call me as soon as you are through?" she bit down on
her lip and tried not to cry.

" Absolutely Dr Scully. Let me go and get him taken care of so he
can be there hopefully for the birth of your child." The phone
went silent.

Scully lay back on the bed with Pat's assistance and held on to
her tears and emotions. She needed to concentrate on Mulder and
the baby .She would feel sorry for herself later.


DR Beyers had called and told her the good news. The spinal tap
was clear and Mulder had done well with his surgery. Dr Beyers
had also called and told her that she thought Mulder's high
fevers and lethargy were coming from the infection in his arm.
The surgery had gone well and Mulder had even awakened once and
took some ice chips. She was told to concentrate on the baby and
that Mulder would be placed in her room after recovery. They had
pulled some strings with administration and now they would be
together, regardless of the circumstances.

They rolled his bed in an hour later with a sleeping Mulder and a
very tired looking Skinner walking along beside the gurney." Mr.
Mulder we're here." The nurse announced to the very groggy

 He did not give a response but instead he curled up more into a
little ball. The nurse promptly straightened him out and elevated
the well- bandaged arm onto a pillow and adjusted his tubes and
cords. They transferred him onto the bed that they had placed
beside of Scully within arm reach." Dr Beyers will be up to check
on him in a little while. He was in a lot of pain down in
recovery so I gave him some morphine. He will probably need
something else soon. She grabbed the chart and walked out to the
nurse's desk.

Maggie Scully came over and started tucking the blankets around
the shivering form," I think he's cold. They always keep the
surgical ward so cold."

Skinner was backed up against the wall trying not to be
embarrassed at seeing Scully with the monitoring belts around her
distended stomach and the sound of the baby's heartbeat echoing
through the room. He felt like he was intruding on a very private
moment. Maggie saw his discomfort," Mr Skinner, would you like to
go and get a cup of coffee?"

He nodded and they were out the door, leaving Mulder and Scully
some private time. Scully watched the rise and fall of his chest
closely and was surprised when she heard him try and clear his
throat," My arm. Did they cut if off?" he asked due to the
numbness caused by the anesthesia.

"No Mulder. It will be numb for a while and when the numbness
wears off it will really hurt." Scully turned her pregnant body
to face his bed."

" Hey, I must not dead or contagious." He opened his eyes and he
looked over to Scully with a beaming smile," We have a baby yet?"

" Not yet Mulder but Dr Gibbs said I could start pushing in the
next hour." Scully sat up as much as she could sit up with all
the monitors. We should have a baby soon Mulder."

The nurse for Mulder walked in to check his vitals." Hey sleepy
head. You almost missed the big event." She placed the
thermometer in his ear and read the numbers. Her face showed that
the news was not really good." You need some Tylenol." She
finished with the vitals and made sure he was still lying flat on
his back and exited the room.

" Mulder, we need names for the baby." Her voice was low so as
not to disturb him if he had fallen asleep again.

     " If it is a girl, let's call her Madeleine, Maddie for
short." He turned his eyes toward Scully for a reaction.

"Beautiful Mulder. And if it is a boy?" she asked hoping that he
had heard the name Hunter earlier.

" Your turn Scully. I've done my work." A small chuckle escaped
his lips.

"Not so easy Mulder. I carry the baby, you name the baby." She
giggled out.

"Not fair Scully." He got quiet for a few minutes then she heard
him clear his throat," Jonathan Hunter Walter Mulder." He turned
again to see her reaction.

" We can call him Hunter." She smiled and looked over at the door
and saw the nurse entering again with a small cup.

" Okay Mr. Mulder roll over. Dr Beyers does not want anything by
mouth yet. I need to give you a Tylenol suppository for you
fever. Your fever was one hundred two point eight." She assisted
Mulder to turn over and she inserted the suppository. She
adjusted his nasogastric tube which was now to low suction,
"Okay, I need to check your pulses in your arm then you can take
a nap until it's time for you baby, Doctor Beyers orders."  He
nodded and closed his eyes when she had finished, with no
intentions of sleeping.

Dr Gibbs and Pat walked into the room with a baby warmer in tow.
" Guys are you ready to have a baby?" They pulled the sheet back
and adjusted Scully's legs. The head is showing guys, it's time
to push this baby out into the world." She turned towards Mulder
and adjusted a mirror in the room so that both Mulder and Scully
could see the baby." Okay Dana when we tell you to push we need
you to push down. This may take a little while so rest in between
contractions." Pat stood at the head of the bed and the hands
came across and connected between the two beds.

" Okay Dana, push. Push, push, push. That's good now relax. They
were watching the monitor to watch for the contractions since the
epidural was helping keep away the pain. Scully laid her head
back and took some good breaths. She had been at this for thirty
minutes and she was getting exhausted. " Okay Dana one good push
and the head will be out, now push."

Mulder was sweating in the bed, a combination of the stress of
the event and the Tylenol. " Scully you are doing great. You are
doing great." He closed his eyes and then opened them slowly, her
blue eyes staring over at him," I love you Scully."

She smiled that Scully smile and said the words he loved to
hear," I love you too Mulder." She then concentrated hard and
gave a big push, she could feel a decreased pressure.

" Head's out" Dr Gibbs announced," Don't push Dana, the cord is
around the baby's neck. Just a minute." The physician worked to
free the cord. Mulder and Scully watched the hands of the
professional gently maneuver the cord from the tiny infant's
neck. " Okay Dana let's finish this birth." She turned to
Mulder," You doing okay Mulder?" he nodded and looked as he was
mesmerized by the moment. " Okay Dana push."

 Pat and Mulder's nurse stood as support but did not interfere
with the moment, "Dana and Mulder it's a baby girl." The doctor
announced. She placed the baby onto Scully's lap and looked over
to Mulder who was now as close as he could get to see his baby
girl. Scully looked as the small infant cried her first tears and
gripped onto Scully's fingers. " Mulder, can you reach to cut the
cord?" The doctor asked as the nurse assisted Mulder over to the
side of the bed. He took the scissors and cut the cord. He fell
back into the pillow and just stared at the beautiful sight of
his daughter and the most important woman in his life. The
physician and Pat finished taking care of Scully and the delivery
of the afterbirth.

" Ten little toes and ten little fingers Mulder. She is perfect"
she looked over at Mulder who was beaming as a new father, the
small child moving in her mother's arms. Tears running down her
face and Mulder's.

Pat reached over and took the baby," Let me clean her up and do a
quick check and I promise I will return her in a few minutes."
Both sets of eyes followed the newborn infant to the table. They
watched as they washed her with a small washcloth and weighed her
small body." " Six pounds and five ounces." She paused for a
brief second," Wow, twenty one inches long!" She wrapped the baby
up in a warm blanket and placed a small pink cap on her head. "
What's her name?" the nurse asked as she brought the baby back
over to her mother to nurse.

Mulder stared up at the sight of his daughter taking the nipple
into her mouth and the sight of the baby as she suckled her mom's
breast. The moment made him the happiest man alive. " Her name is
Madeleine, but she will be our little ' Maddie'."

The doctor and nurses exited the room to give the new parents
some privacy. Mulder looked over to his new daughter and smiled,"
I thought I would never to get to see you Madeleine. You are as
perfect as your mother."

" She is perfect Mulder." Her voice cracking with emotion.  "This
moment is perfect." She watched as her baby nursed, the warmth of
the combination of her hands and Mulder's right hand on her small

 He smiled at his small family," Scully, I know what would make
it more perfect."

She raised her head and stared at her best friend," What Mulder?"
her attention now focused on her newborn daughter.

He smiled and reached up with his right hand and touched her face
lightly. " Will you marry me Scully?"

She smiled at him with unshed tears in her eyes," Yes Mulder. I
will marry you."

The end.

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