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They had come home from the hospital just three days ago. He
still had physical therapy on a daily basis but he could use a
walker pretty well. He still did not tolerate being without
Scully by his side without getting anxious and paranoia had taken
on a new meaning. He was scared of them returning and taking him
away again. He did not want to go back with the aliens or
whatever they were but they had inserted implants and that was
basically a promise of more to come and it brought fear, like no
other fear. Sometimes if he thought about going back he would
break out in a sweat and start vomiting and shaking. Sometimes he
would retreat to the bathroom at the hospital and lock the door
and shake and even here at Scully's he would do the same. The
fear was overwhelming his thoughts and his daily life.

 Life was going to be different now and he had to change his
priorities for his sake as well as for the sake of Scully and
their baby. He needed to talk to Skinner and see if they could
let go of the files. He no longer wanted to look into the sky for
answers. He had the answers and they scared the life out him.
Months of torture will change a man. Scully could go back to
Quantico and he would be willing to do whatever the bureau wanted
him to do just so he was not chasing after aliens anymore. He
needed a respite and he needed to feel safe for a while.

He had to get up early this morning for Scully's doctor visit. It
would be his first and he was nervous. Finding out just days
after his return that he was going to be a father was nerve
racking enough but now he was actually going to get to view their
little one on an ultrasound. The doctor had scheduled it just for
his benefit. He was nervous and excited but actually more
nervous. He did not like the idea of going out in public places
due to the scars on his face and the rest of his body. The
implants had been removed and the incisions were still healing.
He was still very weak, months of floating in a spaceship does
nothing for one's muscle tone or their mental status.

" Mulder, are you ready?" she asked as she stepped into the
bedroom. She stood and watched him struggle with his pants for a
few minutes before walking over and helping.

 He allowed her assistance but he felt useless. How was he going
to help take care of a baby when he could barely take care of
himself? " Thanks Scully." He was grateful but he felt terrible
that his six-month pregnant partner had to wait on him like he
was an infant.

"No problem Mulder. Are you ready to go?" she was putting her
coat on and wrapping a scarf around her neck.

" Yeah. I need to get my shoes on and I will be ready." He
reached down with one hand and with the other he held onto his
walker and put his slippers on both feet. He still was unable to
wear his regular shoes due to the swelling in his feet. The
surgeries had involved every part of his body. He felt that he
was scarred for life but according to Scully he would eventually

He stood with his walker and carefully maneuvered across the room
to get his coat. " I'm an invalid Scully." His words were low and
sort of pitiful even to his own ears.

" Mulder you're getting better everyday. Look where you were
three weeks ago." She picked up her purse and her gloves and
stood at the door waiting patiently for him to arrive.

" Then why do I feel like such a burden? I feel like a child." He
pulled the coat off the rack and slid each arm into the sleeve
carefully. He looked up to see her smile with tears glistening in
her eyes. " What? Did I upset you?" he felt bad that he had said
anything and now he was making Scully cry. He was such a loser.

"Mulder, you need to stop being so hard on yourself. I am so
happy to have you home and this is the best day of my life." She
hesitated for a second then proceeded," Because you will get to
see our baby. Our baby Mulder." She emphasized to him as she
stood patiently waiting for the only man that she could ever
love. Her heart was pounding so hard with excitement. They would
find out together the sex of their child today and Mulder would
get to be there finally after months of going alone.

He nodded and pulled his coat tight and slowly buttoned it
together, his fingers still slow and stiff. " Sorry Scully. I am
just feeling a little sorry for myself today. I promise I will do
better." He looked up and started to shuffle the walker towards
his partner."

" Mulder, you have every right to feel sorry for yourself. You
have had a very hard few months. But I want things to get better
and I want you to start enjoying life again." She walked up to
him and gathered him into her arms and held him tightly." I love
you Mulder."

Those words were difficult to say and he said nothing. He had
been unable to feel anything since his return except extreme
sadness. He could definitely be diagnosed with severe depression.
He could not return her words but he held her close and kissed
her head." We had better get moving. Your appointment is in forty-
five minutes.

 She nodded her head but she did not push for anything else. The
doctors had told her that he needed to be on an antidepressant
and that he also needed trauma therapy. She had felt that it
would jeopardize his position in the bureau if he needed
medicines to help him cope so she had suggested that they hold
off until his weekly visit. At that time they would make a
decision. Unfortunately she knew down deep inside that he would
need the medicines and therapy and that actually she was just
forestalling the inevitable. She pulled away and opened the
door," Let's go Mulder. I'll race you to the car."

He smiled and started out the door. " The tortoise and the rabbit
Scully?" he pushed the walker out the door and down the hallway,
Scully following close behind.

" Yeah but I'm the tortoise Mulder." She laughed as she closed
the door and waddled down the hallway.

" But I want to be the tortoise Scully." He mumbled as he pulled
the door too behind him and shuffled down the hall behind his
partner with his walker.


They had been taken back to a room on arrival and now Scully was
lying down and awaiting the physician. The ultrasound tech was
standing readying the machine as they waited." This going to be a
little cold Dr. Scully." She instructed as she spread the gel on
her abdomen and placed the probe and started rolling it across
her tight skin. " Here's the baby Mr. Mulder. Would you like to
take a look?"

Mulder had taken a seat in the corner of the room and his walker
was a barrier to the event happening. The question had been
purposed and to refuse to look could be held against him where
Scully was concerned. She did not understand his fears. So he
nodded and stood on unsteady legs and took his walker and slowly
shuffled over to the table where she lay watching his reaction.
The monitor was showing a black and white figure. The baby
appeared to be sucking his thumb, lying so content in his
mother's womb. He stood in awe, his mouth hanging open and tears
filled his eyes. The ability to express what he was feeling was
beyond words. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever
witnessed. A small child lay inside his partner, a child who was
a product of their love for one another. He thought back to the
night of conception and it brought a moment of complete

Then he felt his partner's hand reaching out for his and then he
looked down at the smile on her face. This was the moment that
she had been waiting for so long. He gave her this special moment
and that made him happy. He gently took her hand and  gave it a
small squeeze. He then slowly let go and walked over to the
monitor. The doctor was talking but words could not filter
through the emotions and the high he was feeling right now. He
reached over and touched the monitor and traced the tiny figure
slowly as if he were counting its tiny toes and fingers. He
lingered for a few minutes and the room had become silent.  "What
is it?  A boy or a girl?" he asked his voice low and soft as if
he did not want to disturb the little one on the screen.

" Mr. Mulder, it's a baby boy." The doctor answered and turned
towards Scully. " A healthy baby boy."

She smiled and looked over to her partner who was still staring
at the screen of the ultrasound. "Mulder, are you okay?" she
asked concerned for her partner and best friend.

He felt happier than he had in months. He wanted to laugh and
smile again. He was going to be a father and Scully was going to
be a mommy. He slowly turned away from the screen and looked at
Scully with tear filled eyes, " I am truly fine now Scully." He
guided his walker back over to Scully's side. The doctor and tech
quietly removed themselves from the room giving the new parents
to be some time together. "Thank you Scully for the best day of
my life." He paused for a few seconds, "And thank you for having
our baby."

"Mulder you are more than welcome. And Mulder?" she pushed
herself up from the table and stared into his eyes.

" What?" he voice was concerned.

" I'm starving. Where can we get a good cheeseburger?" she smiled
and pulled him into a hug.

" We could try the hospital cafeteria or we could really live it
up and go to the McDonalds down the road." he laughed as she
still had the bear hug around his neck.

She smiled and continued holding on to her partner. She knew that
he had come a long way and today was truly the first day of his
recovery. "McDonalds is good." Her voice was playful and she felt
so happy.

" Scully?" his was voice low and hoarse.

She smiled feeling that he was going to fuss at her for hugging
him too tight and for too long, " Yes Mulder."

 For a moment there was silence and she was becoming concerned.
Then she heard the words that she had been waiting to hear since
his return, " I love you Scully." He spoke it softly and quietly
but he said it with such meaning and such devotion.

She pulled back reluctantly and stared into his deep green eyes,
" I love you too Mulder. I love you too." She felt a little bit
of the old Mulder come peaking through. They would be fine. He
would be fine.

The end

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