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Code Blue

Title:Code Blue
Author: Mulderache
Spoilers:Nothing really...just the usual stuff.
Discalimer: We know they are not mine. They belong to Chris 
Carter and Fox...I just borrow them for my own pleasure!

Georgetown Memorial Hospital 
Emergency Room

My feet are killing me and I've been here for nearly fourteen 
hours. Tonight I am doing a double. Everybody has the flu except 
me,all I have is sore and tired feet.

Usually at four o'clock in the morning things are really starting 
to die down before the day starts again but not this morning. They 
just called in a code blue over the intercom and they are enroute 
to our hospital. A forty-two year old male with no respirations and 
in ventricular fibrillation.It will probably be an in and out. 
Pronounce and send to the morgue for an autopsy by one of the 
slicer dicer pathologists.But we have to go through the motions.

I hear the sirens pull up and I see the paramedics jump out and 
they pull the gurney out of the back.Then I notice something that 
catches my eye. A very petite red headed woman is doing CPR and 
the paramedic is bagging. She seems to be crying, tears slidding 
down onto the bare man's chest as she is working fervently to regain 
a normal rhythm. I am taken aback by this scene and I want to know 
more about this relationship but not now. I have a job to do.

I run up to the door with mask and gown in place.It's how we 
meet trauma patients regardless of the condition of the patient. 
The doctors are awaiting in trauma room one and we move the gurney 
quickly through the hallway to the room.

As his gurney hits the door there are hands everywhere and the 
petite woman is moved aside. We place the electrodes to his chest 
and hook up the wires removing the paramedics equipment in one 
swift coordinated movement. A rhythm is confirmed, he is in 
ventricular fibrillation.

The paramedic stands to the side of the room giving an audible 
report so that everyone involved in his care is aware of what 
happened to this man before they brought him in through our 
hospital doors.

Patient is a forty-two year old male with a history of 
multiple hospitalizations for various reasons.Pt is an FBI 
agent and tonight he was investigating a case when he received 
an electrical shock. We did not locate any burns. He was 
unconscious when we arrived,we established no respirations 
and an irregular rhythm. We attempted cardioversion several 
times on the scene without response. Pt was transported at that 
time. He has an allergy to morphine and a sensitivity to Vicodin. 
B/P was 60 palp, no spontaneous respirations and rhythm established 
was ventricular fibrillation.After he finishes his report he 
quietly leaves the room.

The physician is yelling clear and he attempts to cardiovert 
again. Epinephrine is given directly into his heart muscle 
and the paddles hit bare irritated skin and his body spasms 
from the electrical stimulation.Our eyes automatically go to 
the monitor and we see that the physician has been successful. 
We have a sinus rhythm. But we all know that he has been down 
for over thirty minutes and we all know that he has a possibility 
for brain damage.As I look into the eyes of the small petite woman 
I see that she too knows this possibility.

A lidocaine bolus and drip are started, an EKG, and a battery of 
other tests are ordered. We continue to monitor his ability to 
maintain a rhythm and we continue to wait for spontaneous 
respirations.None are forthcoming and we intubate and the 
machine's settings are placed. He will need several lines now, 
an arterial line to draw his blood gasses and measure his pressures,
 a central line to give his multiple fluids and medications, a 
foley catheter to measure his kidney function, and EEG leads to 
measure his brain activity.

The small woman moves back into place at his side and takes his 
hand into hers.She makes the sign that all Catholics do when they 
are beginning to pray,I am a Lutheran and I very aware of the need 
to pray at a time like this but I have a job to do and that is 
getting my patient ready to transport to ICU.

I gently place a hand against her small back and give her a little 
pat. She is aware that I must get to work on her friend. There are 
no rings so I persume she is either his partner or lover or maybe 
even both. She moves aside and the team starts their assigned tasks 
and more orders are obtained for vent settings, drip settings and 
stat lab work. 

His partner is now talking to the physician and I am taken by 
surprise when an unrestrained hand grabs my arm. I look down to 
see half opened eyes staring up at me, they are asking me to pay 
attention to his need to communicate.I nod and softly speak to 
him,"Sir, It's okay. You are in a hospital." He reacts very odd 
to this, he nods his head and shrugs his shoulders. He has been 
here before.

I realized a few seconds later that his eyes seem to be following 
the small red headed woman and pleaing to communicate with her,
I am impressed. Most patients would be terrified and trying to 
buck the ventilator but not him. He seems more intent in getting 
the woman's attention. I stop what I am doing and call for the MD's 
attention which automatically get the woman's attention. She quickly 
makes the short distance to his side and takes his hand again. She 
is whispering softly but I can hear the words very distinctly,
"Mulder, you were right. He really was an electric eel. I am sorry 
that I did not believe you." he responds by rolling his eyes and 
if he could smile then I think he would be right now.

I am not sure I heard her right but if I did then maybe I should 
be in shock or terrified but I am not. This is the Emergency Room 
and now I have heard everything. Suddenly I hear the intercom 
announcing another patient on their way to our ER, an electric 
eel with a gunshot wound.Surely I am hearing things, I hope. Well, 
maybe I will be able to say I have seen everything after tonight. I 
leave the two alone and walk back to the front to regown. Another 
trauma coming in, who knows, one day I might even write a book and 
tell about this night or at least make a note to the Enquirer.Nah, 
they would never believe this!

the end

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