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Mulderache's Surgery for wayward fanfiction


The Video Room.
Mulderache's Consultancy (Chat)
Mulderache's fanfic Heaven
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Mulderache's fanfic Heaven

OMG Scully, Mulderache is writing MT again. HELP!!

The fanfic is out there. More to come soon.

All these stories are either Hurt comfort, MSR and MT/Angst and various ratings from R to PG and Up.
Please do not read if you are sensitive to medical drama and subjects associated with such matters and medical MT. That having been said Please do not flame me if your reading choises can't stomach any of the above categories.   Thanks T.W
By Mulderlips

Help Scully it's a Mulderache conspiracy
Scully comfort coming up, Mulder. Hold on. I's save you.