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Disease of the Mind

Title:Disease of the Mind
Author: Mulderache
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me but they do belong 
to Carter and Fox.
Spoilers: Anything Xfiles
Rating: PG


I have heard him talking to himself a lot lately. 
Maybe he is talking to ghosts, I know that I heard
him say Frohike's name several times but it was is 
in a conversation. He's talking to Frohike. He's dead 
Mulder! Not only that, he is talking to Krycek. 
He is talking to that low life son of a bitch and 
acting quite friendly while doing it and I hate to tell 
him but he is dead too!

I know I am being a doctor. Well, that is my 
profession and I did go to school all those 
years to learn the profession. I am not a 
psychiatrist though, but if I were I would 
think he was just a little schizophrenic. I 
am listening now as he talks to either 
himself or one of his many dead friends 
but I am not close enough to tell to whom he 
is speaking with right now.

I know, I am Scully and Scully should be 
patient and understanding but this is 
starting to really piss me off! Why? How can 
you ask such a question? He is the father 
of my baby, my lover and now my ace in 
crime, a runaway or fugitive, whatever 
the term you want to use. It comes down 
to this, I think he has really lost his 
mind this time!

Okay, I've said that line a thousand times 
before. Okay the alien thing was real, and 
so was the fluke thing. Alright, I concede, 
he has been right about several things since 
I've known him and I thought he was just a little 
insane those times too. Okay, a lot insane but this is 
different. He seems to really be having 
delightful conversations with these guys. 
I think he mentioned to Byers that 
he would like for them to go fishing. 
Hello Mulder, dead people can not fish!

I'm taking a deep breath. Steady and 
paced breathing technique. Bullshit! 
This is bullshit! Mulder is going to 
the nearest psych ward and I will 
personally sign the papers for committal 
as soon as I find a way out of this 
damn trunk. Spying is a bitch! Hey, 
Quig Quag hand me that screwdriver. 
What are you looking at? I never 
said talking to animals was insane! 
Now leave me alone and let me get 
this damned trunk open. 


Bet you wanted to scream........But Quig Quag is dead Scully!

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