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Finally they had given him a respite from the constant torture
and stimulation. His body was sore and tired. The metal that
drove into his wrists and ankles throbbed with every beat of his
heart. His face was having spasms from the constant pulling and
tugging of the metal wires. If he ever left this Hell he would be
disfigured for life, he thought to himself.

The room was now silent except for the sounds of his labored
breathing and the wheezing in his chest. He knew that he had
not imagined the opening of his chest and abdomen or the
drill that had cut open his mouth. The pain was excruciating
and could not even be imagined or dreamed. He closed his
eyes in hope to rest before they started the tests again.

As he lay on the cold metal all he could focus on was the
unrelenting pain that he was feeling. His desire for the truth
would kill him. What had he been thinking when he voluntarily
stepped into the light. He could hear them speaking to him and
calling his name. He should have walked away and stayed in
Washington with Scully. She had needed him to stay and he was
selfish, his desire to find the truth was now his death sentence,
a long and torturous death. He had gotten what he deserved and
his punishment would never be to see Scully again.

He must have fallen asleep because a voice was trying to awaken
him and he was so exhausted. He tried to focus on the deep
baritone sound.

" Fox wake up. We need to talk. Wake up Fox!" the voice was
demanding and loud.

Somewhere in his subconscious he realized that he had not heard a
human voice since he arrived in this place of solitude. He opened
his eyes in terror and tried to focus but his vision was limited
and he was forced to focus on the lights above his head." Who are
you?" his voice rusty from disuse.

" Fox, you know me. We have met many times."

The voice was near but he could not see the face. The metal
bindings held his face tight against the headrest. "Your voice is
not familiar. Who the hell are you and what do you want?" he felt
angry at the mind games. If this was a new form of torture,he
just wanted it done and over with ,let the pain begin.

"Fox, I'm disappointed. I'm sorry, it's Mulder. You like to be
called Mulder. That is what you want me to call you isn't it?"

" I'm not playing your game. Go to Hell!" He was not feeling up
to this type of nonsense, the pain in his extremities had
increased ten fold and he felt like vomiting.

" Bingo Mulder! Been there and done that! Actually Hell is my
home or at least what I call my home." The figure moved into
Mulder's visual field. His appearance was that of an average
sized man in a blue shirt and tie and a brown jacket. His face
was aged, maybe forty or so and his hair was jet black with a bit
of gray.

Mulder stared up at the man above him, certain that this was just
another nightmare. " Yeah right, I think I saw you in a mini
series." He rolled his eyes and laughed. " Just my luck though."

The man reached over and stroked Mulder's bare arm. " You are a
fine specimen Mulder. He chose you well to carry on the work. You
know that you are 'the Deliverer" Mulder." He continued to stroke
Mulder's sore arms and then he reached over and touched the
newest scar on his chest." I just don't know if you are up to the
task Mulder. You seemed to be tied up at the moment." The man's
laughter echoed through the room.

Mulder's anger was boiling to the surface," Get your damned hands
off me you bastard!" His face was aching now from shouting at the
man. " I'm tired of the mind games. Go shapeshift into a balloon
and pop yourself!" his voice was raspy from his screams. He
couldn't put the emotion that he was feeling into the statement.

" You are a tad touchy aren't you Mulder? Unfortunately I do have
an advantage over my captive audience and you need to listen to
my proposal. He walked directly in front of the chair and looked
down at the man that was held by metal bonds in his ankles and

He pulled an apple from his pocket and rubbed it against his
jacket." When is the last time you ate Mulder?"

" I can't remember, the accommodations and room service could use
some improvement here at Hotel Hell." His voice dripped with

" Ahhh Mulder, I do like you!" he took a bite off the red fruit
and chewed on it thoughtfully for a few minutes. " It's been
forty days Mulder. Forty days without food or water." He lifted
the apple back up to his mouth and took another bite. " You are
hungry, aren't you Mulder?"

His mouth watered and suddenly he realized how hungry he was and
how dry his throat was feeling but he would not let this creature
know of his weaknesses. " Is that how long I've been here? Forty
days?" he felt like he had been here forever and he was so

" Does that surprise you. Time passes quickly when you are having
fun, doesn't it Mulder?" he lifted the apple again and took
another bite.

" Actually I've already figured out that I didn't have a two way
ticket." He closed his eyes and tried to control the emotion that
came from that statement.

He again took another bite of the apple, letting the juice run
down his chin." It's amazing that a piece of fruit can do to a
man. It changed the world and God's plan for mankind. You ever
read the Bible Mulder?"

Mulder opened his eyes and again tried to focus on the figure.
"I've read it, it was required reading for my field of study. I'm
surprised you've read it, it just doesn't seem your style."

A low laugh escaped his lips," Well I'm the main subject matter.
The reason it was written. Oh, some call me Satan, Lucifer, and
King of Darkness. I'm a very misunderstood character. I'm much
more than the epitome of evil Mulder. I represent the good
things, the things people love to enjoy. I represent people's
greatest fantasies, lust, drinking, gambling and fun. I am the
party factor Mulder. You do know what I mean don't you video

" I must be in Hell." Mulder spoke out loud to himself.

" No Mulder, not Hell but I have to say I do like their decor
here. The chair is a must have item." He threw the remains of the
apple down on the floor and reached back into his pocket and
pulled out another. " No Mulder this is not Hell. Your partner
may have called it purgatory  and the Baptists might have called
it the waiting room to Hell. Most Jews, like yourself would call
it a nightmare but I call it a great place for a vacation. It
meets all my requirements, torture, isolation, and loneliness."
He paused for a few seconds. "Lonely. Now there is an adjective.
It could really describe your partner right now. She is one of my
favorite people to visit. She does have a way with a gun. But you
gotta like her Mulder!"
Mulder's eyes looked up to the man and with venom he spoke
"Leave her alone. Her faith is much stronger than any emotion.
She is a true believer."

He placed the apple down on Mulder's chest. The slight pressure
causing him to jerk. The metal pinchers in his face pulled and he
grimaced in pain." I will give you the apple Mulder. All I ask is
a small price. I need you to stop fighting. Let them win. They
will let you rest. It will be over. No more pain. No more
suffering. You can finally eat."

He shook his head. " I will not stop fighting for a piece of
fruit. I need to get back home." His voice was sad and low. He
could not stop fighting. His mouth watered for just a taste but
knew that it not be worth the price.

The man slapped the apple away, off Mulder's chest and across the
room." What is your problem? Don't you want the suffering to
stop? Don't you want to eat? Maybe that is it Mulder, maybe you
are a man that needs much more."

" Go back to your pit and burn, you sorry piece of crap!" He
yelled at the dark eyes that were peering down at his weak body.

" I'll rest later Mulder." He paced around for a few more minutes
before he spoke again. Maybe I underestimated you Mulder. You
need power and you have the uncanny desire to prove that there
are alien life forms." He almost seemed giddy as he continued to
pace around the chair that held Mulder captive.  "If you will
follow me Mulder I will give you that power. You can have a place
in office at the FBI that nobody could ever touch you and I could
give you proof of alien life forms and abductions. The world
would respect you Mulder. You would be a hero. Don't that sound

Mulder closed his eyes and let out a puff of air as if he was
considering the offer." I will not sell my soul to the devil and
in the process lose my world. Your words are nice and the reward
might be great but the price of my soul is too high. So take the
offer and shove it where the hounds of Hell do not shine."

Satan shook his head. What kind of being was he dealing with that
could turn down everything he has ever held true. His every
desire could be granted and he was saying 'no thank you'. He
began to pace around again. He then stopped." I will try once
more Mulder. Listen and listen good, my patience with you is
growing thin and when I get angry I really get angry. " I will
loose you from the nail bindings in your wrists and ankles if you
will just allow me to be your guide. I'm not asking you to
worship me but to allow me to be your mentor. I could guide you
into greatness. We could really be a team. All I am asking you is
to allow me to be your Savior."

"No. I will not sell my soul to the devil. I would lose more than
just my soul. I would lose my breath, my will to live. You just
don't understand what makes me what I am. Only one person holds
the key to heart and my soul. She is the reason I will suffer. My
faith is in her and she will save me. Her Beliefs have saved me
more than once in this lifetime. She is my lifeline, my tether to
sanity. She is the reason that I will live." He closed his eyes,
his face mirrored his acceptance of his fate.

Satan stared at the man and shook his head. He had failed at his
task. The man would suffer and yet he would win the battle. He
was reminded of another man that he had tempted long ago. Great
men with great tasks did not fall very easily. He walked away
leaving the man alone.

He closed his eyes and waited for the sound of the drill and the
roar of the saw. Today he would win the war for his soul but the
fight for his life was still being fought.

The end

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