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We will continue

Title:Will We continue?
Spoilers:The X-files
Disclaimer:They belong to 1013 Productions and 
Chris Carter.
Feedback:No thank you... BUT thanks anyway.

Mulder's Apartment

They sat quietly in the darkened room, the only sound 
preventing total silence was the bubbling of the fish tank.

They had experienced a very rough day. A day of criticism for 
what they believed and for what they thought was right.Skinner 
had trashed their report and made numerous remarks about the 
content.He had made them feel like total fools for writing 
the report regardless of the intent of the document.

"Mulder,maybe we should just quit. I mean,if our work is not 
good enough then maybe we should stop trying. What can they 
accuse us of next?" Her voice was soft and it sounded as if 
it was cracking a small bit,possibly from anger at the situation 
or maybe she had been crying.

He looked over in her direction and even through the blackness 
before him he could tell that her eyes were filled with tears.
"But Scully, if we quit we lose more than just a small battle 
over a stupid report." He sat up a little straighter and took 
her hand, caressing it in between his own. "If we quit then we 
have lost everything that we have worked for and that in itself 
would include our hard work, the respect of our true friends 
and believers and possibly even faith in ourselves." He paused 
for a few seconds and then continued,"We have worked too hard. 
We have given so much of our personal lives and risked so much 
for what we have today. I agree it is difficult to accept so 
much criticism and get so little positive feedback for our 
hard work. But Scully,if the world falls apart tomorrow, we 
can say that we at least tried."

She cleared her throat and spoke softly, almost in a whisper.
"What if we fail Mulder? What if nobody appreciates our hard 
work? What if in the end it just really doesn't matter?"

He smiled,even though she could not see it through the darkness,
"We won't fail,we will not accept defeat.Actually, when it is 
finally the end Scully, all that really matters is that we 
are happy. You are happy aren't you Scully?"

She paused for a few seconds and responded ,"I am very happy 
Mulder." She stood and flipped on the light,"I have another 
report to write Mulder. Will you help me?"

"It would be my pleasure Miss Scully. I will get the paper and 
pen." He could not help but to smile at his partner as he opened 
the desk drawer. How did he get so lucky to have such a great 

the end

( And how did I get so lucky to have such great friends who 
have supported me in the past few days.Your support has been 
overwhelming! Thank you!)

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