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Title:Capitulation (part one)
Spoilers:The quiet love affair between Mulder and Scully.
Disclaimer: They belong to Mulder/Scully/Skinner/and Chris 
Carter and 1013 Productions.

Capitulation is the act of surrendering or yeilding. In the 
lives of two lovers it could mean nothing but in the lives of 
two agents it could mean much more than they will ever allow 
themselves to admit.

He burst into the room with gun drawn and Donnie Pfaster is taken 
into custody. She is standing there shaking, her body trembles from 
the fear that she could have been the next victim. She reaches for 
him and he takes her into his arms and allows her to cry. He cares 
and she is comforted.

He sits at his desk his mind is still on the heart of the missing 
girl. Could it have been Samantha or was it some other girl who 
was stolen away in the night leaving behind maybe a brother or 
sister who will always blame themselves for not doing enough to 
stop the pain and suffering that she may have endured by 
her captive. He looks up and sees his partner, she speaks and 
he responds. She reaches out and takes him into her arms. 
She cares and he is comforted.

She is dying, words can no longer be exchanged so casually. 
There is a tension since her almost fling with Ed Jerse. 
She wanted to find a cure so bad and Mulder almost lost his 
life trying to find answers.Penny Northern has just lost her 
battle and she is feeling that the road ahead will be difficult. 
She is hurting for her friend and also morning the loss of 
a possible treatment, she sees him in the hallway. He takes her 
into his arms. A prolonged kiss to her forehead and a warm, 
embracing hug. She is comforted. He definitely cares.

A new case of 'who is the father' and they are off again. Eddie Van 
Blundht the shapeshifting rapist. He changes into Mulder and almost 
gets a near kiss right before a very upset Mulder enters the room 
with gun drawn. He is taken back by Scully's willingness to kiss 
the imposter and realizes that he is missing something.

Dr Goldstein gives Mulder a shot of Ketamine to remember his 
childhood. Seizures ensue and so does an arrest of Mulder. She 
will not give up on her friend and proves his innocence. She 
follows him to his home at Quantamautaug. She risks her life to 
save his soul. She takes him into her arms and holds him tight. 
She cares and he is comforted.

She is close to death and Mulder must accept her fate. She is 
willing to take the blame for a murder and will die with the truth 
but he refuses to allow such a nobel gesture. He holds her hand in 
the dark, quiet tears streaming down his face, a decision made.A 
miracle is given whether through fate or God, regardless of the 
messenger it is embraced.They are given a second chance.

A walk in the forest. A mothman takes his prey. He is injured and 
she holds him close to provide heat and comfort, admitting in a 
small way that there is a possiblity for something more. She cares 
and he is glad.

Her name is Emily. A daughter not known except for a positive DNA 
test that shows proof of motherhood. She is beautiful but Mulder 
is forced to tell a truth kept from Scully in order to protect 
her from pain and unavoidable grief. The child dies but not 
Scully's undying faith in her friend. He stands at her 
daughter's casket,knowing all too well that there are probably 
more children and that the future possibly holds more hurt 
for his friend.

He feels exhausted, unable to take anymore of the unkind gestures, 
of knowing that the world is passing him by why most people think 
of him as only monster boy. They do not listen to his warnings of 
Aliens or of possibly alien invasion. He is sent to check out a more 
than likely prank call. Hiding in the light sounds familiar and he 
seeks this out only to be taken hostage. He is hit and suffers more 
mental wounds but the man is taken down. Mulder sees the monster and 
in his effort to save Skinner he is taken to a hospital and 
restrained and almost taken as a follower of the Pincus fan club 
when she enters the room with gun in hand. She is his one in five 

They happen on a wonder boy named Gibson Praise. An old girlfriend 
returns without the best of intentions. Her heart pounds with 
jealousy and her mind becomes intrigued with a small boy who can 
read minds. She is watching out for her friend and yet there is 
somthing more there. Something that she has taken for granted, 
more than friendship and slightly less than a lover.They burn 
his office,he is too close to the truth.He stands in shock, he 
has suffered too many losses this day and she holds him 
allowing his warm tears to fall onto her hair. The smell of smoke 
and burned electrical wires fills her nostrils but she hangs on 
to her friend. She cares and he allows her to comfort him at 
his lowest moment.

She is on verge of getting trasferred away from him but he stops 
her in the hallway and tells her that she is the reason he can keep 
searching. That he can not do it without her. A near kiss is 
interrupted by a bee's sting. He trys to follow her to the 
hospital and a near fatal shot keeps him from her side. She is 
taken to a ship and finally he follows and rescues her from being 
infected with a virus.Their bodies slumpt against the frozed ice, 
it sticks to their skin,stinging their flesh,leaving behind 
scars.He sees it but she does not, a spaceship. Another hearing, 
healing wounds, a realization of the future. They will fight 
it together.

(to be continued)

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